Saturday, June 11, 2011

To The Mattress! (Now with more info.)

On Wednesday I purchased a new mattress set (which DH and I had agreed on earlier, so it wasn't an impulse buy or anything). It was delivered today and the old mattress set was taken away for disposal.

And you know, I wouldn't have expected it, but letting our old mattress go somehow became a big deal to me. Not because I still loved it, I mean, really, how could I when over the past year I've awoken more mornings than not with my back hurting? But because of the past.

We purchased it sometime in the late-spring of 2003 (we did not get as much life out of it as we should have based on how much we paid) while we were living in the ghetto apartment. It moved with us to the townhouse we were still renovating while living in, and then to our current house.

When we first got it it was so comfortable. At the end of a long day, there was nothing like snuggling down into that cushy pillow-top and relaxing into sleep.

It the mattress upon which we did the deed multiple times while trying to conceive, both on our own, and with help. It is the mattress upon which Little One was conceived, and upon which whose water broke.

I'm not saying it should be plated in gold or anything (what a waste of gold that would be!) but it still feels slightly awful to so callously discard something which has supported us for so long (Sorry for the pun there.) and provided such comfort along the way.

Buying a mattress is a leap of faith. Even when you test them in the store, the 5-10 minutes you spend on them can't compare how they actually treat you for nights on end. I just hope that our new mattress treats us as well as the last (but for longer, of course!).

The new mattress is, after a week and a half, in one word: awful! We're both waking up every time we turn over and it takes us forever to fall back to sleep. Despite the back pain our old mattress was causing, at least we could sleep on it. I spoke with a company rep. today who wasn't optimistic that we could get any resolution until we'd given it a month to 'break in', but the manager who sold us the mattress is back on the schedule on Saturday, so we'll be going in to see him in person to find out what we can do sooner. Hopefully there is something we can do sooner so we don't go sleepless (in VA) for a month!


  1. whenever we finally have our own 'little one' the guest bed (Queen) will go into my step-daughters room (the head board can hold either), and the double will find a new home. It was the double that I had growing up. I still go sleep on it when I don't feel good, it's a comfort thing. It's still in great shape, but we've had it forever. I cried at the thought of getting rid of it, because for so long, it has been a little piece of home, of my child hood....

  2. Good luck with the new one!

    Honestly, mattress shopping is one of my least favorite jobs. We're a few years out from having to do that and it already makes me anxious just thinking about it lol.

  3. It's funny how you become attached to things, isn't it? I was a smidge sad when we got rid of our old mattress until I realize how much more room we had with a King sized bed. I haven't looked back since!