Friday, June 10, 2011

My 11 Month Old!

Bullets as I am typing while she is napping.
  • Is cruising like a mad dog and really enjoys pushing around the various walkers (one at work, one at home, one at the in-law's beach house), but doesn't seem quite as ready to walk on her own as I had thought before Memorial Day.
  • Is obsessed with pictures and photographs. She would happily spend hours looking at the ones we have in the house. She doesn't because it involves our participation by holding her and pointing out who/what is in each picture.
  • Seems to be self-weaning. And by that I mean she's expressing very little interest in nursing - there's just too much else exciting to do. It makes me sad, but I think I'd rather her give it up voluntarily, like she did the pacifier, than to deny her. I'm guessing it's a combination of things - (a) I stopped pumping the Friday a week before Memorial Day, so my supply is probably dropping, and (b) a general nursing strike. At least with the dropped supply I'm not suffering from any negative effects.
  • Is vehemently opposed to being on her back, especially for diaper changes. It's a rare change which does not result in a full out screaming, red-faced, arched-back baby and quite loud yelling from my mouth. I hate to admit it but the thought of giving her a good smack has crossed my mind. Unfortunately. Of course, it's not a situation one can step away from to regroup when the change is necessary.
  • Is more and more vocal - not words so much but a good deal of baby babble and the occasional soliloquy with the babble in which discernible patterns and rise and fall of intonation is obvious. Also, screaming and other negative vocalizations when she does not get her way (AKA when I put her down after looking at pictures or pull her away from the oh so enticing things she shouldn't be reaching for.)
  • Has a favorite book. It's about anthropomorphic bunnies and all their activities. I am so over it!
And she's up. Maybe more later?

  • Ah yes, she has discovered that if she puts her hands over the side of the high chair the dog will lick her fingers. Joy.
  • Has started to indicate her wants by pointing. At breakfast at IHOP this morning she was all about the grapes I had brought.

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