Sunday, January 23, 2011

PSA & Gratitude

PSA: If the only way to reach a loved one while they are away is by cell phone, remind them to take the phone off vibrate at night so they can be reached in the event of an emergency.

I am grateful...
  • that I had just crawled into bed and was still awake when the smoke detectors started wailing last night.
  • that we live in a community with a on-site security team who are willing to make a phone call I didn't want to make for fear of being thought over reactive.
  • that there are fire departments in our county able and willing to respond to occurrences such as the one mentioned above.
  • that despite the wailing of the smoke detectors, the barking of the dog, the crying of the cats, and the general hubbub of multiple firefighters searching the house that Little One didn't wake.
  • that there was no reason for all the excitement other than either a bad battery or smoke detector which was easily removed from the system for the remainder of the night.
I am not grateful...
  • that DH was away, and unreachable when all of this went down because he leaves his phone on vibrate and charging away from the bed.
Can anyone tell me why the batteries for smoke detectors never die during the day but ALWAYS in the dead of night?

I don't know why it didn't occur to us after the last excitement while he was away (the power went out, the generator battery was dead..., but at least it was during the day, and I could reach him through alternate means since I knew his phone wasn't going to be on him) that such things could happen at night as well. But after this mornings much more rational phone call (what? you try leaving a rational phone message after midnight with screeching smoke detectors going off and your husband not answering his phone) he's agreed to take his phone off vibrate at night when he's away. This time it was nothing serious, but next time; well, let's hope there's no next time...


  1. No problems sleeping? How does that feel? ;-)
    You don't really get bored, from what I see.
    Seriously though, may you only have to deal with false alarms of this sort.

    So, how is the little one?

  2. I have no idea why the batteries die in the dead of night. Both of our smoke alarms bit the biscuit within a week of each other - and I haven't replaced them yet. I was getting kind of sick of the one near the kitchen going off whenever I'm cooking. Although, nothing calls my husband to the table quite like the sound of the "dinner bell" - as he calls it.