Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bits & Pieces

Things that would be worthy of Twittering, if I could be concise, but aren't enough for their own posts:

-Little One keeps turning onto her stomach to sleep during naps - and has her nose half into the sheet on the pack & play. It's how her daddy sleeps too, so there's gotta be some sort of genetic preference going on but the SIDS campaign makes me nervous enough to check her breathing on a regular basis. It makes it hard to get a good chunk of time to accomplish anything...

-From Friday (yesterday) through Monday, 3 out of the 4 days involve lunch with a family member or friend. 2 of the 4 days lunch will be/has been paid for by someone other than me. That's pretty swell.

-It's obviously deer (hunting) season when you first hear the baying of dogs then, looking out the window, see the herd of deer bounding through the back of your property.

-Took Little One out of her car seat and into a store in her umbrella stroller. She was barefoot since the Bundleme keeps her warm enough to make puddles of sweat under her feet. Got the first unnecessary comments from strangers on that action...yay?

-Knocked over a freshly pumped two ounce storage container of breast milk as I was getting ready to put the top on for refrigeration this morning. You bet I wanted to cry over that spilled milk! It felt almost as bad as the time the new 750 unit vial of Follistim shattered on the bathroom floor. It's not like I'm a fountain of milk here - it still usually takes at least 3 sessions of pumping to get enough milk for one 6 ounce bottle. Thanks to that spill, the next bottle will take 4.

-I think I'm glad Little One keeps her best behavior for when we're out in public, but sometimes it would be nice to get some of it at home too.

-And why does she feel it's necessary to cling to the sleeves of my shirts when I'm trying to change her diaper? So annoying!

-All but 2 or 3 of the Christmas decorations are finally back in the basement. Just waiting on the door mat to dry, need to get the runner off the breakfast table, and find the small clear glass tree. I wonder where I ended up putting that thing or if did I put it out? Eh, it will turn up. Probably in July or next Christmas. Heh.

-The boss is awakening. So much for me time!

-At Target last week a woman pulled into the open parking space next to my vehicle. Unremarkable you say? How about this...when pulling in she knocked against the cart I was unloading pushing it towards me, and since I had pulled in to one side of my parking spot, she decided that the available space in my parking spot was hers to use as well. Then, instead of correcting her obviously sucky parking job, she just sits there and has the gall to give me a dirty look when I have no option but to open my door so it knocks against her vehicle so I can wedge myself through the small amount of opening left to get into mine.

-And because I think this is adorable and don't want to forget it - after I've finished feeding Little One her solids (peas and bananas tonight) she takes her bib or the drip cloth I've draped over her lap to hopefully prevent the spread of food to her pants and wipes her face clean. It's sooooo cute!


  1. the next best thing to twitter is bulleted lists! :) Sorry about the spilled milk, I can imagine that is heartbreaking! But double yea for going out to eat (and not paying) so many times... jealous!

  2. I feel your pain on the spilled milk. Seeing all your hard work wasted. I'd cry, too. That's sweet about wiping her face. Maybe she's seen you and hubby do it and wants to do the same. I think we are due some new pics sometime soon, too.

  3. Spilt milk and car crashes make me wanna have a machine to go back in time. Really. You have my sympathy for that.
    Otherwise, it seems your little baby is turning into a little lady. Huh, when did that happen?!
    Glad to hear good news from you.
    And you should have told that lady with sucky parking skills a thing or two. There are too many of those, really.

  4. I wouldn't worry too much about the SIDS thing. From what I've read, if a baby is strong enough to roll onto her tummy, she's strong enough to roll onto her back if her breathing gets in trouble. I did a lot of research on this when debating whether or not to stop swaddling Aidan.

  5. I agree with Parsing Nonsense on the SIDs thing. Our situation was even more of a nail biter, because at the age of 2 months old, we found out by accident that Carter slept like a dream on her tummy. We compromised and propped her up on her side. (Also, just FYI, deer hunting season ended January 3rd. Probably a coincidence.)