Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fashion Update?

The other day I went out to do some last minute Christmas shopping. And came home with two pairs of skinny jeans for me.

Now, considering that (a) I've been rocking straight and boot cut jeans for forever, or at least since I stopped pegging my pants in high school lo those many years ago, and (b) that I don't typically keep up with fashion trends as well as I should (see A), I now have these jeans that make my ass look hot (or so my husband claims) and many questions about what shoes I should/could wear with them. I'm guessing it's not the Sebago loafers I wore with white socks and the acid washed jeans, huh?*

Three things to keep in mind, please: (1) I'm not a big fan of having my toe crack exposed, I like flats that come up a bit higher on my foot, (2) I am carting around an almost 6 month old (how did that happen?) so would like to be steady on my feet, and (3) despite my best hopes, my feet did not grow during pregnancy, so I am still wearing a size 5, which is not a common size for many manufacturers.

You have been given your mission, should you choose to accept it, please leave suggestions - either shoes or links to examples...and thank you for participating.

*Don't worry, those were disposed of long ago. Both the shoes and acid jeans.


  1. My booty would not be so forgiving with skinny jeans, however, before baby I'd consider myself somewhat fashionable. With all that said, here's what you are looking at:
    riding boots like these:
    or cheaper version of boots like these:

    You could also go with UGGS. Personally, I never thought I'd be caught dead in UGGS but with the baby, I'm actually in the market for a pair. I never thought I'd see the day.

    Hope these suggestions help.

  2. I've been looking for a pair of skinny jeans just to wear with boots, they don't have to have heals, something more like uggs (or payless knock offs in my case...) Plus they would keep your feet warm. I've also seen some girls wear like ballet flats with those that are cute.

  3. I´m a shoe-aholic

    I would buy some ballerina flats

    or maybe some alternative flats like these:

    gladiator sandals are always nice (however didn´t find them in 5)

    I also love booties:

    these i escpecially love and they are great with skinny jeans:

  4. Ditto Mic on the riding boots. Anything that's flat and comes to the knee or above is going to look great pared with a trendy or even more traditional top like a turtleneck sweater. I also 2nd the Uggs or knock offs. Both types of shoes will also work well with leggings and a longer shirt/sweater that covers your butt. If you're rockin' skinny jeans, you can rock leggings, too. :)