Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just Because...

After taking the picture this morning I realized this could be an ad for Target since everything but the baby and rattle in lower left corner came from there: the outfit (FYI: that's a Circo Newborn size she's wearing at 10 weeks since they run large, she also has the one in the link), the pack & play, & the fleece quilted play yard sheet (so cozy, I totally recommend it!). The bear is by Circo also but I can't find a link.

Have a happy Saturday!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!
    She looks very content. And already a model for Target, huh? :-)
    I'm gonna post another pic of G soon, just for you.

  2. She is gorgeous (and so stylish!)

  3. I love that outfit. It's adorable. But it's really the sweet baby that makes the picture. Look at all that dark hair. Too cute. And there is just something so sweet about a baby laying flat on her back with her arms spread out. Ah, just love it.

  4. Love her outfit, it's very cute! I'm a sucker for anything patterned.. stylish little girl. :)

  5. Awwww look at that little sweetheart!!! LOVE the PJ's!