Thursday, April 1, 2010

No Fooling Here!

My body has been playing awful tricks on me this week - waking up before 5:30AM, before the sun is even up. (As far as I'm concerned 5:30 only comes once a day, and that's the PM.) I'm thinking it's my bladder, but since DH's alarm goes off somewhere around 5:45 I refuse to get up at 5:30 (or earlier) just to pee, and then crawl back into bed just as the alarm is going off. So I lay there in the bed feeling grumpy that I'm awake and desperately hoping to be able to return to sleep for even another 5-10 minutes. Thanks to this, the dark circles under my eyes are truly hideous - no glowing sample of impending motherhood am I!

BUT, this morning as I was laying there feeling mildly aggravated with whatever had woken me up so goshdarnfreakin early, I was idly lightly rubbing my belly when suddenly the skin under my palm raised up and was just as suddenly back away. It was like a little good morning kick, and how can you not have a good day after something like that?

Well, that and doing the macarena (sans music) for the dog who was clearly not impressed.


  1. That is a wonderful morning! :)

  2. That would make anyones' morning perfect! I've yet to feel anything as my placenta is anterior but I know it'll happen soon.
    Lovely to read this post this evening!