Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yesterday I...

...bought another bra at Vickie's and used the gift card I had gotten with a purchase in November to help defray the cost.

...bought a cute dress at Ann Taylor Loft to wear to DH's work party on Friday. The link only shows black now but yesterday it did show the deep purple I purchased at the store. I'll wear it with black tights and black boots. And some sort of fabulous bracelet concocted from what's built up in my jewelry box.

...bought a mild sausage pretzel dog for lunch.

...took out my passenger side mirror on a mailbox returning to work after doing all of the above.

Guess what I'm buying today!


  1. 1. Did your VS gift card have more than $10 on it? I hope so. :)

    2. I bought that dress in black because it was the first article of clothing to make me feel gorgeous in quite a long time.


  2. Love the dress! Take pics with it on!

  3. K - The card only had the $10 on it :(, but it was worth it! Isn't it a great dress? After wearing jeans to work for months, I feel all chic wearing it.

  4. That dress is SUPER CUTE!!!

    As for what you're buying today...I sure do hope it's delicious.

  5. Erika - do you consider a new passenger side mirror delicious? I know you pregnant women have odd cravings, but that's one for the record books!