Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend Recap (Part ???)

First Off: No dress pictures from the party Friday night, sorry. By the time I finished my hair and face (with an attempt at smoky eyes that DH declared scary), we were already running behind. Which actually wasn't a problem because instead of sitting for dinner between 7:30 and 8 as projected, we didn't actually sit until closer to 9, and didn't get our entree's until 10pm. That's 10 Pee eMm. You know, when I usually try to get to bed so the bags under my eyes don't swallow my cheeks.

Other than the food delays, it was a pretty nice little party. Since last year, the size of DH's department has doubled, so there were more of his coworkers and spouses to meet - funny thing, one of the people he works with now, he went to high school with (I'll over look his wife and their "planned" pregnancy); and another funny thing, the senior members of the department (which includes DH) have all grown some sort of facial hair this fall. A third funny thing, as I was sipping away at my cosmo (so yummy!) one of his co-worker's wives does a double take, apparently she didn't think you could get anything fancy so had been working on some white wine. Did I mention it was an open bar? Oh yeah. I also found out that DH's boss and his wife ended up adopting after years of trying, so you never know where another IF'er will pop up. It balanced out.

Saturday we were supposed to go to Wintergreen, but didn't end up going thanks to people not replying to his email(s) regarding the activity he was planning to lead on Sunday. (Etiquette check: If someone sends you an email asking you to respond either positively or negatively so that they can plan for a certain event, and then sends you a follow up email after not receiving a response to the first email to confirm you received the first email...what do you do? (a) ignore both emails, confident that the person sending the emails will understand that your non-response means you can't/won't participate or (b) respond to the first email, negating the need for the second.)

So, instead of driving, we managed to get the lights on the tree. We used all 5 sets, but could have used a 6th as the lights are a little sparser than I would prefer. Of course, with the new multi-color LED lights, another string might have lit up our family room enough to provide a landing path for the airport 25 miles away. DH also put up the (3rd in 4 years) snowflake on the end of our garage. This model is LED also, and the blueish white lights are more appropriate than the prior years yellow-toned lights. Since there is a 3 year warranty and neither of our previous units have lasted that long, I finally got smart and put the items required for fulfilling the warranty in a baggie with the extra lights so that when (not if) it doesn't work next year I'll be at least able to attempt to collect on the warranty promises.

Yesterday DH actually helped me decorate the tree. Usually he puts on a handful and then goes off to do his own thing, but this year he probably did more like a third. And he indulged my desire to watch "White Christmas" last night. If I hadn't had to come to work this morning, I would have stayed up and watched "Holiday Inn" as well, but see above regarding the bags under my eyes.

(The big bummer of the evening: I got an email from a college friend that he and his wife just found out they are pregnant. To which I slammed my laptop shut and fumed until I could reply with my congratulations and not let the snark show through.)

Of course, I didn't do much of the other things that needed to be done like laundry, cleaning, and so forth so those will have to be worked in this week along with the rest of the Christmas decorating.

What were your highs and lows of the weekend?


  1. Men should just keep their comments regarding hair, makeup, and clothing to themselves - unless they are overwhelmingly positive. Just my opinion.

    Sounds like you had a PACKED weekend. I've been DVRing Christmas movies from Lifetime and can't wait to sit down to watch them while wrapping gifts.

  2. Amy - you are so right. He tells me this as we're getting ready to walk out the door and have no time to make changes. No one at the party game me a stink eye so I'm guessing it didn't look too bad after all.

    We watched a Lifetime movie Saturday starring Jean Smart (but don't ask me the title).

  3. Your Christmas cheer is infectious, darling :)