Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday Morning

As of 12:45 I had:
-Washed a weeks worth of pots and pans.
-Made chili.
-Cleaned the kitchen counters
-Organized two kitchen drawers, making room for the bags of candy purchased 75% off at Target.
-Repaired my Grandmother's lamp.

Still to go:
-Cleaning the bathroom.
-Stitching up a seam in DH's favorite fleece jacket.


  1. Very productive! Are you saying that Halloween candy is/was 75% off at Target? Holy crap, I better haul @ss over there!

  2. Sounds like we had similarly productive Saturdays! I think we might do this because we know that UNproductivity may soon be on it's way!
    Good luck this cycle. (-: