Monday, September 14, 2009

The Storm Comes - Friday

But like any good storm, the winds have started to kick well before the main body arrives.

Friday I went up to the RE's office for a quickie ultrasound and blood work, plus the list of medications and when to take.

Saturday - went from 2 a day to 3 a day on the estrogen
Sunday - added 2 a day progesterone (pills, but not swallowed)
Monday - no change
Tuesday - go from 2 a day to 3 a day progesterone, and add both a 4 a day antibiotic (the hated tetracycline) and an evening steroid
Wednesday - no change from Tuesday
Thursday - no change from Wednesday
Friday - add one Valium to the mix, and arrange the progesterone around the transfer

That is, assuming that the blood work comes back showing that the estrogen has done it's work in preventing ovulation. If not, everything comes to a screeching halt and we try again in a month.

And don't forget the other bigger, huger, mammoth elephant in the room that could put the brakes on all this prep - those two precious little frozen embryos - if they don't bounce back properly then all is lost (at least for this cycle). Of everything, they concern me the most, and of course there is nothing I can do but send them good thoughts Thursday and Friday as they defrost.

The other thing I am nervous about - my mother is not available to keep me company this weekend and DH will be away for an event he cannot miss, so I've asked my MIL to keep me company (and pinned down on my back as much as possible) Friday through Sunday. It should be interesting. No one ever does things exactly the way you would do them. Ah well, what's one more layer of things out of my control?

And THAT's why the RE prescribes extra Valium, isn't it?


  1. I'll be sending good vibes and wishes to your frozen little embryos too :)

  2. Sending prayers and good wishes to you and your little frozen embryos. I'll be thinking about you.

  3. Wow, you are one determined lady if you're willing to spend 24/7 alone with your MIL all weekend. That alone should convince the fates that you've paid your dues ;). GL to you and the totsicles!

  4. Sending many prayers, good wishes and positive thoughts your way