Monday, August 31, 2009

And So It Starts

Waiting for a call back from the RE thanks to the start of a new cycle. DH and I decided to keep going forward (my desire to not let optimum time pass still trumps my desire to chuck the whole process) and give the two embies which survived IVF #2 their time to shine sooner rather than later.

Just when I think I'm getting the hang of this infertility stuff, new questions arrive: What do I have to do new (Typo, I meant now, but I actually think new works better. Thanks fingers!) for a frozen cycle? Medications? Timing? Office visits?

And more...What if the frozen embies don't come back to life with a thaw? What is the best-guess for a transfer date? What if it doesn't work? When can the next fresh cycle start? Is it an issue that my visits from Auntie Flo are getting shorter and shorter (3 days isn't normal? Is it?)?

With DH's work requiring a heavy travel schedule in early September and October, I'm very grateful for these two embies giving us a shot (no infertility pun intended) to keep moving forward without having to count on DH being around to contribute his portion of the process.

The thing is, I'm not convinced that this is ever going to work. And I'm not sure whether or not that attitude affects the outcome. I need some good ju-ju over here to change my thinking. Any suggestions?


I called the office around 9AM in the morning. When I called back at 3PM after not hearing anything, the RE hadn't even gotten to his messages. Finally, when I called back at 4PM, the nurse was getting ready to call in the prescription for the Eustrace (or generic), and I was told I needed to schedule an u/s appointment for the 8th. I did not get to ask the RE any of the above questions. This is the first time I've been disappointed in the office.


  1. Sending warm thoughts and hoping for the best. (And I am so sorry for a negative office experience today... that sucks.)

    From LFCA...

  2. Here from LFCA, I send my best to you for these next steps.

  3. Here from LFCA. I just wanted to let you know that FET can definitely work. Due to severe OHSS, our five little embryos had to be frozen. Our daughter and another were transferred, and it took the first time. (We experienced a stillbirth in the fifth month, but that was not a result of the FET.)

    Keep your hopes up - please know from someone who has walked this path that it can work. We're preparing to do another FET cycle hopefully in November.

  4. According to Dr. Google, stress does not effect the outcome of IVF and I'm pretty sure the same would be true for FET. I agree with AKD, keep your hopes up even though I know this is much easier said than done.

    Also, I'm sorry for the negative experience with your clinic. That is so frustrating.