Friday, July 17, 2009

IVF#2 - Post-Retrieval Status Update #1

Retrieval went well. I feel much better than I did after the first one - perhaps that has something to do with my ovaries cooperating and not hiding from the RE allowing him to do the retrieval with a minimum of poking and prodding both internally and externally.

I managed to scarf down a grilled chicken sandwich from Chik-Fil-A on the way home, and eat a reasonable dinner which was fantastic compared to my last experiance.

I've even been able to skip the hydrocodone in favor of Extra-Strength Tylenol and a heating pad.

Waiting on the call from the RE on the post-ICSI fertilization report.

The count - 7 - which was about what I expected from Monday's appointment, with no surprise eggs this time (see first paragraph). All good size, no idea of quality, etc.

Keep your fingers crossed for better results than last time.

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  1. Wishing for awesome embryos and lots of em! Thinking of you and glad to hear it went so much better for you! xoxoxoxo