Tuesday, July 21, 2009

IVF#2 - Low Level Activity Is Boring

Final word tomorrow but looks like we'll end up with possibly two embryos to freeze. Not sure what happened to #3 but I'm guessing since we didn't get a grade on Sunday, it just wasn't up to much.

For those who've never had to lay around and do not much all day, it sounds a thousand times more glamorous than it really is. Daytime TV is abysmal, and there's only so many books and internet time my brain can handle. There's also a bit of stiffness thanks to not moving around so much.

I guess if I were crafty I could have spent some time knitting or whatever other hand crafts can be done from a prone position, but that's not really me. Also am not a daytime nap person, so there's been some whining from this direction about pretty much everything...bored, nothing to eat appeals, blah, blah, blah.

Back to work tomorrow, with a 8AM meet-up with my coworker at the local Ford dealer to drop off his work truck for state inspection. I'm sure my enthusiasm for getting back to work will be short lived, but for at least one day I'm really looking forward to getting back.


  1. You know what's interesting...after my ET, I asked my nurse about bed rest and she said none is necessary - and something to the effect of "go out and go shopping" (not a funny thing to say after all the $ we've forked over, as if we have any money for new clothes...) Anyways, I find it interesting that some have to go on bed rest for multiple days and, in my case, no bed rest at all (though I did take the day off from work and lay around).

    2 to freeze is GREAT! Glad it all went well.

  2. Oh, how I know the boredom of sitting around and the wasteland of daytime TV. But, you made it and you are almost free! And, two to freeze is definitely awesome. Good luck!

  3. Oh my gosh, you ain't whistling Dixie! My company gave us two weeks off at the end of last year and I thought the boredom would kill me.

    That's also when I started my most recent novel, I don't suppose that's a coincidence...

  4. Oh God, are you alright. well all you've said is true. I know this because one of my friend experience the same as you.