Thursday, June 4, 2009

IVF#1 Retrieval - I survived!

So hey, here I am and it's Thursday.

Yesterday went pretty well. The RE was apparently very happy to have found 4 mature follicles, and 2 immature. The lab will call this afternoon to let us know how many fertilized. For now we are still looking at Saturday for the transfer.

The anesthesiologist was great - except for having to do the IV line twice. That kinda stunk. But the drugs made it ALL BETTER. And I can't forget to mention the nurses. They were so super. The one I saw the most will also be there on Saturday so I'm hoping that she will be my nurse that day as well. And since my RE is on call next weekend he will do the transfer as well. Yay!

My mom and DH hung out while I was in the "operating room" and barely had time to go down to the deli in the building, come back and eat their sandwiches before I was back.

Apparently as it is now 9:45AM EST I am still considered to be under the influence of the anesthesia. And hydrocodone. Which I learned the hard way last night does not sit well on my stomach without a good layer of food first. I was in about 4x as much pain last night as I am right now. And not hungry enough to eat enough to be able to take another hydrocodone so I settled for a couple Tylenol and a heating pad in bed which allowed me to sleep pretty well.

Obviously I am feeling much better this morning and scarfed down a slice of toast and the better part of two very-very-soft scrambled eggs after taking my regular morning pills and before taking the pain pill.

I'll be spending today in the recliner with my mother to wait on me hand and foot. It's a rough life.


  1. Woo hoo! Four eggs, huh? Way to step up to the plate, ovaries! Hope you're not in too much pain and that Saturday goes smoother than a newborn kitten's dreams!

  2. I've got my fingers crossed for you!