Friday, June 5, 2009

IVF#1 - Friday Morning Thoughts

Back at work with my bottle of antibiotics and the hope of getting a positive phone call from the RE sometime around mid-day.

I swear the residue from the adhesive tape the anesthesiologist used to (a) tape the gauze over the first & failed IV location and (b) keep the second & successful IV location stable during the procedure is going to last longer on my skin than the puncture locations for each.

Also, the steroid anti-inflammatory I'm taking seems to be having a positive effect on the mark left on my face from the reaction I had to the metallic portion of my cell phone key pad. It's much harder to see and has stopped itching. While I still love my phone, I don't love that it's marked me in return.

I took some Tylenol this morning instead of the Hydrocodone - I'm trying not to move around too much but I can still feel some twinges. I may make it a short day as the bosses left for the weekend early this morning and there is literally nothing going on thanks to the torrents of rain we have had this morning and which are expected to last most of the day.

Will update when I know the results of merger attempt #2.

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