Monday, June 8, 2009

IVF#1 - Debriefing, Of Sorts

Last night when the one remaining discomfort from the retrieval woke me up* I started to run scenarios through my brain to try to explain why even with the outer layers breached before the sperm were introduced, not one of the eggs fertilized.

-My eggs are toxic to DH's sperm. That gives a whole new definition to the term "black widow".

-My eggs have a Rapunzel complex, but lacking hair they were unable to assist the sperm to climb their towers.

-My eggs didn't find any of the sperm worthy of their attention. Snobby little bitches.

-My eggs erected a force field the sperm were powerless to overcome.

-My eggs had no there, there. Through age or attrition, they lacked the spark necessary to begin life.

Whatever the reason for the lack of hooking up, assuming it has been an ongoing problem would explain why not one of the IUI's worked. Frustratingly, reproductive science has not advanced to the point where there is an actual explanation for the non-fertilization. Even with the move to IVF and my eggs finally in a position where they could potentially be analyzed, they just don't have any way to find an answer.

The next step is to move to ICSI (injecting a single sperm into each egg) for the next IVF cycle. Theoretically that should ensure fertilization, if not viability.

I'll tell you honestly, I'm not looking forward to going through this again.

(To introduce a sports analogy, this process is like playing baseball: batting = making eggs, 1st base = retrieval, 2nd base = transfer, 3rd base = pregnancy, sliding home = a live baby at the end. You don't have any control over the pitches you get, or if someone else behind you in the line up hits a pitch that catches you out between bases. All you can do is play the game to the best of your ability and trust that everyone else on your team is also doing their best.)

*You probably don't want the details, just contemplate the effect of antibiotics on the good bacteria in your system. See?


  1. Ahh it's awful when we have no answers for what has gone wrong, it happened to me so many times at different stages. One of my IVF's got cancelled because of zero fert, next IVF I got pg (no ICSI) and made it to 11 weeks. I hope your next cycle brings success.

  2. So frustrating that they still have no answers for you. I hope the ICSI works! I enjoyed the scenarios about why your eggs are being difficult, very creative :)

  3. Oh I'm so so sorry that you had to go through that disappointment!! How frustrating? Thank you for stopping by my blog, and of course, you can use whatever line you please. How are you holding up?

  4. I am such a dork. K, so the second part of that comment surely doesn't make sense (the part about 'using whatever line you please). I mixed something you said up with another commenter and was (retarded) responding. Hehe. Oops. Anyway, thank you for the support, and I'm sending strenght-vibes your way. I loved your explanations, very funny!

  5. So sorry for the disappointing first IVF (where eggs and sperm looked fine so the RE did not recommend ICSI) resulted in an extremely low fertilization rate. ICSI on the subsequent cycles made all the difference in the world, great fertilization and great embryos. Hang in there!