Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Upcoming Events

Thanks to the blitz of advertisements, I don't think any one who wasn't hidden under a rock could miss that this weekend is Mother's Day.

Looking back at a child's memories, my Father didn't ever seem to make a big deal out of doing something for his mother or his wife (my mother). There are a few specific things I remember doing - one year making a corsage out of lilac's and lots and lots of floral tape - but mostly it wasn't a bit deal. "Hallmark Holiday" was a term I heard used in our house to describe the hoopla.

For reasons I still don't quite understand, the day became a bigger deal to my mother since I married. You would have thought I committed a crime against the state when I didn't send a card to my mother the first Mother's Day post-wedding. You can imagine my confusion to get that message after hearing years of "Hallmark Holiday." Since then I've been very diligent about sending a card to her and my grandmother.

On the flip side, my mother-in-law (MIL) has always been very big on Mother's Day. As a result this year we will be spending Saturday at Busch Gardens. She's been pushing to go as a family for several years (Mother's Day, Birthday, etc.), and I think we all finally broke down and said we'd go. Never mind that she probably won't ride (m)any of the roller coasters, and will probably wear inappropriate shoes for walking around the park; that's what she wants to do. The current forecast is calling for mid-80's and overcast but it can't be any worse than the trip DH and I took when the temps were in the upper 90's with equal humidity. Stand by for a report next week.

At least she didn't insist that we join her at the LPGA Tournament on Sunday. Talk about a slow death.

The advertising stores have been doing doesn't bother me - it's almost amusing how what started as a day to honor mothers through church services, etc. have twisted it into a major gift giving occasion (power tools, no. perfume, yes. diamonds, really?). When I was looking for cards to send to my mother, grandmother, and MIL I saw some cards for "First Mother's Day" and "Mother-to-Be". How I wished I could be getting one or the other. But I moved along quickly before wishing turned to anger.

For those who aren't aware (and I'm late to the party on this myself) National Infertility Awareness Week was April 25-May 2. Seems pretty timely to me that we made the decision to go forward with IVF during that week.

Speaking of which - we have yet to make a decision about the 1 shot vs. shared risk. But the medications are on order to arrive Thursday. Another step taken.

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  1. I know, Mother's Day has a special kind of sadness for me this year too. Let's force ourselves to not think about it together, shall we?