Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Notes

I had big plans for this weekend. Almost every line on one of those lined 4x6 sticky notes was filled with an item to complete. It was a pretty ambitious list.

Not on my list - sciatica. At least that's what I think it was. Saturday, early afternoon, I was enjoying the sunny and warm weather while weeding one of our zillion beds. As is my typical mode, I was on my knees switching between sitting back and pulling closer weeds and then stretching forward and supporting myself on one arm while I pulled further weeds with the other. Of course, this requires me to stand up and move my kneeling pad, trash bucket and root tool every so often to reach a new section of the bed.

About the third time I went to stand up I got a nice, semi-shooting pain from my right hip down the inside back of my right leg. It took me a little bit to straighten up and well, frankly, walking wasn't a joyous thing either.

I spent most of the rest of the afternoon on my back, on and off a heating pad. It's hard to get much done while flat on your back.

Thankfully it seemed to have resolved itself by the time I got up Sunday morning and I was able to pick up pretty much where I had left off, and while I was taking longer to get things done thanks to my efforts to not push myself back into the same pain, I was able to knock out all but a few items on the list: vacuuming, cleaning up my side of the master closet, weeding, and straightening the basement(especially the Christmas decorations which need to be crammed back in their storage area). The first two will probably get completed this week. The third has to wait for next weekend thanks to a forecast of rain almost every day this week. And the fourth has to wait for my confidence in my back to return.

Also not on the list: taking not one, but two inconclusive (read negative) pregnancy tests. The first was to determine whether I could take ibuprofen to combat the pain of my back. The second was to check if the timing of the sample made a difference. My temps dropped this morning, so it looks like I may have jinxed myself in my approach to not talking about things. (Or I may just not have remembered to give myself 2 weeks from ovulation before getting my hopes up.) I just love it when my body messes with my mind.

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  1. Grrr, stupid jinxes! Don't worry about it, you didn't jinx anything. Sorry about the back pain, mine gets injured like that too sometimes and it's lame.