Wednesday, April 1, 2009

If the sun isn't out, neither is my smile.

I had one of those mornings.

The cat (who is now back on Prozac) started to meow BEFORE the alarm went off. Once he quieted down after a good ten minutes of loud one-sided conversation, I had long enough to turn over, snuggle back into my pillow, and very briefly drop back into the dream he had interrupted before the alarm sounded.

I have never wanted to bitch-slap the alarm more than I did this morning.

It doesn't help that it's overcast this morning. Not having the sun to help trigger the switch in my brain from sleep to wake really makes a difference.

Excuse me while I go find a vat of caffeine into which to stick my head.


I used to be a morning person. Even on vacation, I'd wake up without an alarm at 7 or 7:30 and not be able to go back to sleep. It kinda sucked. Now I'm an evil grumpus if you dare interfere with my morning routine (that includes talking to me), and I find I miss the energy I used to have. I'm guessing it's just another reason I should sit my (growing) ass on the elliptical machine instead of the couch when I get home from work. Maybe if I keep adding to the list I'll get motivated again.

(Also need to add to the list the exceptionally cute Lily Pulitzer bikini I saw at Marshall's yesterday while replacement-purse hunting. Despite the cost ($50) being about twice what I like to pay for a bathing suit, if I had been confident in my body being bikini ready I would have snapped it up.)


  1. Hey, misery loves company, right? My pregnant co-worker (who got pregnant accidentally by her boyfriend) just told me a) She's not gaining any weight from her pregnancy b) She has no morning sickness and c) Her boyfriend's rich grandmother wants to take her shopping for maternity clothes.

    Is that not enough to just automatically hate someone...?

  2. What are the odds her kid will end up in juvie?

  3. I don't know. She's smart, and actually a really nice person, so I don't really hate her, but MAN is that the trifecta of things I just don't. want. to. hear. about. right. now.