Thursday, January 22, 2009

Banging the Drums

You know how the song starts..."I don't wanna work..."

That's me, except for the whole doing anything other than napping on the couch all day.

I am so not a people and party person. After the prep for last night's Bunco and then interacting with people for a few hours and then the post-gathering cleanup of dishes and food (I left the chairs and tables for this morning and DH had taken care of them before I came down - such a great guy!), I am tired!

It went well, and I think I set out too many nibbles because there was so much left, though I didn't think I had put out enough to begin with. But this event is late enough that most of the women eat dinner before they come, so not that much food is really necessary.

I think the biggest hit was the dessert I made - our family name for it is Louisiana Yum Yum - it's a chilled, layered, pudding/cool whip/cream cheese concoction with a nut crust. That really disappeared, along with the cocktail wieners (that word makes me smile like I'm still in middle school) I wrapped in crescent roll dough, baked and served with two mustard options - so simple but so yummy!

If you'll excuse me I need to figure out how to take a nap while looking productive....

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  1. My favorite way to catch some zzz's at work is to sleep during my lunch break in my car. I have a blanket in my car that I just drag out and then I recline the seat, lock the doors, set my cell phone's alarm, and take a little nap. Sounds weird but I always feel like a new person right after!