Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Thing About Christmas Songs...

As I was writing the paragraph yesterday about what I haven't done I was reminded of the "Santa Baby" song.

It's one of my favorites. Who doesn't want ornaments from Tiffany's, or a '54 convertible - light blue, or a platinum mine (especially in this economy)?

Frankly the gifts she's asking for in the song are much better than french hens, ladies dancing, or lords a'leaping (who would ask for those?!), or even two front teeth as other Christmas songs list.

I have to wonder whether the character got any of the gifts listed, or if she simply gained pleasure out of listing the possibilities?

I like to think she did. But also was properly grateful for the socks and underwear she received from her family.

What's on your ultimate gift list? (As in, you have a very faint chance of getting, but would totally adore?)

I'll go first - I'd love a sporty little convertible (doesn't have to be a '54, or even an exotic one, the new Saturn would be just fine) to drive around on the days I'm feeling kicky and fun instead of the practical SUV purchased 3+ years ago in anticipation of children.


  1. I would like an Old Navy shopping spree. I am severely lacking in non-holey pants and socks that don't ventilate my toes. I would also like some pajama pants that are long enough to cover my ankles.

    Also, a yellow '67 mustang would be nice, too...

  2. As unromantic as this sounds, I would love laser hair removal! Just think, no more shaving! Ahhh... :)

  3. A mega-sized bottle of Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. A spa day. All four seasons of LOST on DVD. All these things are in the realm of possibility, but I don't know who would have thought to get them for me. Or in the case of LOST, who has that kind of money.

  4. First off, I'd like to take this moment to extend Turtle's and my belated Christmas greetings. I hope and trust that the copperosities of you and yours are sagaciating in a most rodamontating fashion.

    Next, I'd like to apologise for being all over the map in this comment. It will start in response to “Santa Baby” in particular, wander to Christmas songs in general, and possibly veer sharply from there.

    “Santa Baby” has a special significance to me, because it's the only song that my wife would ever sing when we were going out for karaoke nights. She has, as she puts it, the voice of a little girl, which is well-suited to the Betty Boop style Madonna adopted when she covered the Eartha Kitt classic.

    Speaking of Ms. Kitt, I was a little saddened to hear that she passed at the age of 81, just within the past couple days. For some reason – probably her unusual ‘accent’ – I always thought she was French or something. But I saw one of those People Who Died This Year segments on some news program, and it turns out she was born in South Carolina. Rest in peace.

    I've got a little bit of a burr under my saddle, regarding Christmas songs in general. Am I the only one grinding his teeth when some P. Diddy or M. Carey decides to cover an old standard or hymn and oversings the thing so much, in an effort to “make it my own” that it's hardly the same song any more? I just want to scream every time I hear “Oh Holy Night” so heavily coated in complex, overwrought R&B runs that it's hardly recognisable, much less holy.

    Okay, I'm finished. I'll just shuffle off, dragging my chains, and leave the rest of you in peace.