Monday, August 18, 2008

Still Counting The Days, But It Doesn't Look Good To Me

CD31 (today) morning temp dropped below 98 for the first time since the IUI & ovulation.

The last couple cycles I dropped temps a day or two before CD1 in 30 and 32 day cycles respectively.

I have also had no breast tenderness, heartburn, or any other issue I've read or heard other's mention. It does run through my mind that I could be a lucky one who has no symptoms*, but I'm not putting much stock in that thought.

Wednesday is the last day of the 2-weeks. With this morning's drop in temperature I'm not sure that my body is going to wait that long to clean off the welcome mat. At the same time, I am really hoping I'm wrong.

*I typically don't have much PMS apart from a little bit of bloat and increased crankiness, so it would be significant to me to have tenderness/heartburn/or any other sort of different physical symptoms.

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