Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekend Wrapup...

It was a good weekend!

I attended the Herdon (Virginia) Festival Friday night with DH's cousin's wife, friends of theirs from college, and a number of her HS friends. And of course, the twins. Such good babies. It really amazes me how babies can sleep through anything - loud music, spilled beer, excited talking/yelling. DH's actual cousin had only gotten 1.5 hours sleep the night before so he went home to catch up on his sleep and skipped the Festival. The weather was beautiful, the beer was flowing, and the gyro I had for dinner was fabulous!

Saturday Morning brought breakfast with my HS BFF - and then the chance to meet her adorable husband and 1-month old daughter. Such yummy thighs (on her daughter, of course). It was really great to get together with my friend - she's still as nice (and funny) as she was in HS. Today's her first day back at work, so send her good wishes (telepathically) for the separation.

(can anyone tell me what the odds are that all the new babies I've known about for the past year have been girls? really, where are the boy babies?)

The meeting and lunch Saturday (which was the real reason I was in the area) were about as exciting as I expected them to be. Which is to say that they were not exciting at all and that I was happy to get on the road home. Despite the horrendous downpours, thunder and lightening, not to mention the hail. We kept thinking we'd outrun it, but we were apparently just driving down through the line. Figures.

What else? Friday afternoon as I was unpacking and planning what I would need for the upcoming night (not knowing when I would get in) I realized that I forgot to pack my pj's. Luckily, the hotel was surrounded by many stores - including Victoria's Secret. And they were having a sale. Oh darn. I was good since DH's cousin was picking me up at some unknown point. I made it there and back in under 20 minutes with only the necessary items. Someone should give me an award, really.

I do have to say though, as much fun as it was to see everyone, the best part of the weekend was coming home to DH.

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