Friday, May 30, 2008

On the Road Again...

Just for the night this time.

Big weekend plans include:
-Nom nom nomming on chubby infant thighs. I get to see the 2 month old twins again, and meet the month old daughter of my BFF from High School.

-Putting up with too many people telling me how wonderful my Mom is. (I used to think she was wonderful until everyone else started to tell me. Probably because she stopped spending time with me and started spending her time on them. I'm childish like that.)

-Bathroom cleaning, vacuuming, straightening the spare bedrooms as both now look like tornados hit them. One usually does(it's DH's biggest concession to my messy side vs. his neatness - the room spends more time as a sewing/gift wrapping room than a bedroom), but for both to be a mess isn't making me happy.

-DH will be away a couple nights this week - if I'm really good I'll put together a large meal this weekend and eat on that until his return. Or I'll survive on Stouffer's Mac & Cheese, yogurt, some fruit, whatever catches my mood and is in the house.

Exciting?...No? What are your big plans for the weekend?

1 comment:

  1. Have fun!
    My plans:
    -Going to the drive-in to see What Happens in Vegas and Baby Mama
    -Recovering from my retrieval and anxiously awaiting fert reports
    -Nom nom nomming on whatever food crosses my path.