Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Family Wedding Review

Brief daily summaries of how each day went...the area was great but such a pain to get to, I don't plan to go back. Their friends and her family were all very nice.

Thurs - Flights, driving, dinner at one of the other rental houses with families and other early guests. Blueberry beer* with dinner. DH thought it was disgusting, but I really liked. Started out smooth and sweet, with a light hoppy finish. Tolerance isn't so good - 2 bottles of beer and I went to bed with my head swimming. Haven't had that floating feeling since college.

Fri - First ever visit to a Piggly Wiggly! Lazed around and enjoyed the sun and warm temps. Lunch with the folks and grandmother - delish burger and fries at a little joint just down the road. "Rehearsal Dinner" at a roadhouse (with a full wall of beer coolers!) specializing in oysters and shrimp* and not much else. Problem for my seafood allergic mother. Who knew oysters baked with Parmesan cheese were so yummy*?! Also Michelob Ultra* with pomegranate and some other fruit - like alcoholic seltzer with fruit juice. Non-flavored Ultra is nasty - but I'm not a big fan of plain seltzer either.

Sat - Overcast. Lunch on the beach with everyone - I can't imagine what they've spent on rentals, catering, DJ's, etc. Rain threatened late afternoon. Quicky before dressing for the 7pm ceremony. Light drizzle as we are seated for the ceremony, but it stopped before the bride reached the minister and my cousin. Nice service - not too long or formal (especially when the minister has to shuffle his feet to keep away from the waves behind him, and everyone else in the wedding party was barefoot!). As the ceremony concluded the sun finally came out. A rainbow formed directly over the townhouse the bride's (recently deceased) father owned. Still gives me goosebumps. Open bar - decent cosmo's.* Reports of the green flash at true sunset.

Sun - Kicked out of rental house by owner while killing time before our 5pm flight out. Driving, flights, my sore throat. Only empty seat on the second flight was next to me! Stopped for pizza (DH) and Chinese (me; egg drop soup is good for the soul and sore throats) on the way home. So glad to get home and see the kitties.

(Mon - Had a fever overnight. It didn't break until I finally got to sleep sometime after 4am. Took the day off work to hopefully recover and not spread germs. The most I pushed myself was to pick up Shelby at the kennel - during which my fever broke, again, and for the last time. She slept most of the day Monday, also recovering from her weekend adventures. Am feeling better now - sore throat and fever are gone, but still a little stuffier than normal and not ready to take on too much.)

*A few days of eating and drinking seafood and fruity beers while TTC isn't going to kill me or our chances. I decided to enjoy myself and have fun without constant worry over what I was putting in my mouth. If you are interested, I ovulated a couple days before we left, and did the deed before, after, and during just to make sure. "They" say that the HSG can improve your chances for the following few months so I didn't want to miss out on that!

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