Saturday, March 8, 2008

And the Verdict is...

Inconclusive. Like a magic 8-Ball.

By my temps, I should be pregnant. They've done nothing but go up for the past 14 days.

But the expensive (First Response) and cheap (W@l-M@rt brand) pregnancy tests have both given me the same answer: | (possibilities are: || or +)

So, I've stopped the progesterone (yay!) and am now waiting to see what happens.

I'm a little frustrated that the two elements aren't in sync. Of course, I'd love to be pregnant, but I'm probably not, and since we do have a plan of action for further information gathering, I won't be crushed if my cycle starts in a day or two. If it doesn't start by the middle of the week, and my temps stay up I will (of course) be taking another pregnancy test. If that's negative I'll be calling the RE and/or Ob/Gyn for further direction!

Until then, I'll just enjoy a few days of not having to insert the progesterone or having cramps.