Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Not So Blue Anymore and Other Things to Share

The numbers on Monday dropped again, hurray!, so pediatrician told us to stop the lights, YAY!, and retest on Wednesday. AND...drumroll,'s numbers did not rise despite LT not pooping since the 29th!!! Double hurrah!!! The machine has left our house but we are scheduled for another (and hopefully final) blood test next Monday. Here's hoping the numbers either continue to drop or remain steady. Fingers crossed tight.

One nice thing about this process is part of the nurse visit is a weight check so I've been able to see how LT's been doing with that - as of today she is over 8lbs! Once she poops that will drop, but I'll take it for now. Related, at last weeks 2 week visit she was over 21" long. The cheeks are starting to chub and the chin is starting to double. Love it!

Since the light machine was no longer providing a loud background hum, the refrigerator decided take over and develop a hearty rattle, along with a firm refusal to keep the freezer drawer, well, frozen. Good thing we already had a service appointment scheduled for Friday and we have a full size freezer in the garage. Otherwise, think of the ice cream!

We've also upgraded our 2nd floor HVAC unit to one big enough to properly heat/cool the entire floor and advanced enough to allow for a 2nd thermostat on the area used by guests, upgraded the humidifier on our 1st floor unit, and other stuff which goes along with both projects.

LO will move to 5 days a week preschool on Monday. She may have a hard time with this as she understands the difference between a school day and a stay-home day. We and the teachers think it will be a good move for her, but it is one more change on top of the addition of LT to the family. LO has also started reading, on her own terms which means that if you directly ask her to read something she'll resist mightily, but if you slip it in she'll mostly manage to do it. Example - read a word, no. Tell me what brand a diaper is, yes. Crazy, but not unexpected given her 'do things on my own schedule' history.

There's noise of random celebratory gunshots in the air. Gotta love living in the outskirts of the suburbs.

Happy 2015 to you and yours, and may only the best of things come to you.

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