Monday, December 8, 2014

12.5.14 And Beyond...

No surprises this time. This is a very good thing!

Got to the hospital around 6:45 Friday morning, did all the paperwork, and was settled into a combo birthing and regular room by 7:20 (maybe, some of these times were approximate, I wasn't looking at the clock or had other things on my mind).

Nurses got me hooked up to the IV system and the OB came in, confirmed I was still 3-4cm dilated, and broke my water at 7:40 before she did a c-section and then headed over to see her regular patients. Contractions started shortly after - pretty much went BOOM right into them, no easing at all, even before the Pitocin kicked in! Anesthesiologist fit the epidural in between two c-sections, and shortly after I was resting comfortably while my body moved right along. 

Around 10:45 the nurses checked my status and called the OB back over to the hospital since Little Two's head was 'right there' stretching things out. At 10:59, after pushing (and pooping, ew) through three contractions, LT came sliding on out.  That's right, from water break to delivery was 3hrs 20min. Damn, I'm good!

LT weighed in at 6lb 10oz and 19.5" long, and still did less damage than the 2lb smaller LO did!

Unlike LO, LT has been a champion nurser from the start (my poor nipples!) and I have had much more energy despite the normal levels of sleep deprivation. I think the latter is thanks to being much less stressed out by the circumstances of the birth, and LT not having any need for the NICU. Plus, I'm not pumping round the clock! I'm so much more relaxed!

Milk came in Sunday afternoon/evening and LT has gotten much more efficient about nursing since then. She went from 25-60 minute sessions on one side to my having to force her to finish 10 minutes on one side. Unfortunately that's pretty much at every 2 hours so overnight sleep is hard!

Still need to figure out the rocker/recliner/glider chair situation for LT's room, and much of the nursery supplies are everywhere vs. being put away, but we are plugging along very nicely.

LO is obviously still very tentative about this new addition to our family and the changes her arrival has made. Trying to give her some special one on one time so she doesn't feel isolated or neglected.

And now LT needs feeding again...

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