Sunday, August 31, 2014

Misc. Stuff

Random Bullet Points - FTW!
  • 26 Weeks on Tuesday (or something like that). I had to find the calendar I was using to count the weeks - I'd lost track. Guess that's one of those first/second pregnancy differences.
  • DH and I staycationed last week while LO vacationed at my parents house. It would have been a lot more relaxing all round if DH hadn't had to do a few hours of work EVERY FREAKING DAY! Sorry for the shout there - what he was doing had to be done but it's the company's fault for dragging their heels on approving more hires so that there was no one else to do it.
  • Took LO for ice cream post-dinner today, seemed like a good way to end the "summer."  At least until she went into full not-listening meltdown mode after we returned home. To be fair she'd spent an hour or so swimming with DH mid-afternoon so was tired from that (and her 6:30AM wakeup, ack!) but it pissed DH off that we'd done this nice thing and she "repaid" us with crap behavior (even if it wasn't related at all).  I was hoping to get pictures but the ice cream was soft and the temperature too warm to do much except lick and pray.
  • The blackout shades mentioned 2 posts ago came in and are everything I hoped they would be. Completely recommend the product & company!
  • Went through the first saved tub of baby clothes and despite the ~6 month difference in arrivals it doesn't look like there's much to replace there. Maybe add a couple more swaddles and sleep sacks (but those might be in the 2nd tub.  I wasn't the most organized about keeping like sizes together! Oops.) but there are plenty of long sleeve footy sleepers so I think we'll be good.
  • Since there really aren't any other big equipment purchases, I'm contemplating getting a better stroller to supplement the umbrella stroller & crappy old Peg Perego. I'm hearing lots of good things about the Bob, especially since when we'd want to use it would be outside and not limited to sidewalks or other hard surfaces, but not sure I can justify the $$$. Maybe there will be one on Craigslist locally? Or would we be just as happy with a lower-cost version for the amount of use I project...such a quandary!
  • And related, we still use LO's glider every night for bedtime stories. I know things are going to change but do we get a 2nd glider for the new baby or move the one we have over to the other room? I really like the motion and it still seems to help settle LO out of the day. We have a wooden rocker in the other room right now but unless I stuff it with cushions, and even then, it's not going to be as comfortable. I just don't know!
  • In better news, DH and I have started talking names and have a few we agree are possibilities. So that's fun. :) & No, I'm not sharing. ;)
  • I'm going to go fill my water glass, again. Glug chug blugh.

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  1. 26 weeks... Wow. Such a short time, and yet such a long time.
    Is LO still napping? George can go without a nap, but if there is any physical activity involved, he either falls asleep before dinner, or he is absolutely out of any control. Appreciating the nice things is unthinkable on a no nap day. Eh.
    It sounds like you feel quite alright in your skin, and that your life is pretty fantastic right now, little meltdowns excluded. This is quite what I would wish for you! Stay well, dear. Have a sip of water. :-)