Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I Like Stories

I like stories. Always have, can't imagine that changing.

It's probably why I found most history textbooks so hard to read - they followed the facts, not the stories.

At some point in the past 24 hours I had the realization that I decided to get my BA in Sociology (why is a psych degree BS, but not Sociology?) because I liked the stories.  Unfortunately, I didn't end up liking to aggregate them or compile the data or anything other than sucking in the end result of work done by others.

Tied into that is probably why I like reading blogs - stories.  And why I've stopped reading at least one blog because it went from stories, some of which made me fall out of my seat laughing, and some of which brought me to tears, to almost every post being some form of 'look at all the crap people give me or opportunities I have because I'm so wonderful' Bor-ing!

So for my readers who blog - thank you! Thank you for sharing your stories!  If you keep writing, I'll keep reading (unless of course you do the same thing as that blogger I mentioned above, and then all promises are off).


  1. I openly admit I'm far from wonderful...hope you'll keep reading ;)

    1. Well, it's not like I'm posting unicorns and rainbows and sparkly glitter on a regular basis myself, you know? And one post every so often about free stuff or awesome opportunities is cool and in ways an incentive to keep at it myself, but as a regular diet I found it a bit much!

  2. Your captcha really, really hates me. Fifth time I try to post a comment. By now I have forgotten what I meant to say, but I've got a full set of expletives I can shove down blogspot's platform that is completely useless on mobile devices. Isn't that a good story? :-)

    You are quite good at telling stories yourself. What have you been up to, daaah-leen?

  3. I'm here! Lord, I hate that Google Reader is gone. I feel like I've lost track of everyone!