Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Grumble Grumble Piss Moan

  • The neighbor family I was thrilled to have, who moved in a couple of months after we did, who had a daughter just around the same age and in the same class at preschool as LO? Decided to move back to their original location after his job required him to be in office instead of telecommuting.  They moved out a couple weekends ago, and the new for sale sign went up today.
  • DH and I were in discussions to go away, far away but decided to stay in the in-laws beach house instead and save up for a vacation next year.  We're supposed to leave this coming Saturday but DH's work had an issue and he's having to do extra work in response which means we may not be able to go (on time, at all, pick your adventure...).  Point of interest, he brought work stuff home and is dealing with that while I type this.
  • We have ants in the house. They started in the foyer & the kitchen (opposite sides of the house, mind you).  We had a company come out and do a treatment, and they have now apparently retreated from the kitchen, are still attempting to occupy the foyer, and have taken up a strategic position in the pantry where the current loss is at one mostly full box of Samoas. One can only assume there are more casualties to follow.
  • Today is CD1. In the past 3 days I have, by myself, eaten a medium sized bag of M&M's.  I wish my boobs would stop the new and annoying habit of hurting for several days before my period starts as it only makes me hopeful and then depressed.
  • Related news: I have a total of 4 cousins, 2 are married, and 100% of the married cousins have impregnated their wives who are coincidentally both due in September/October.  (The two who are married are not brothers.)  Also due in October? The 3rd of my group of 4 other mom friends whom I got to know when LO was a baby. Strangely enough, it's just the ones who had boys first who have moved onto a second child.
  • LO is very good at being 2.5-2.75 years old. Her current word? Not no, but NOPE. Nope! With a strong emphasis on the Puh. Given that I have trouble dealing with her on a regular basis you'd think that I would be ready to give up my dream of having two children, but in LO's words...nope.
  • I finally scheduled the 90 minute massage DH had given me for Christmas and enjoyed it last week.  As I was leaving, the masseuse noted that even with the extra 30 minutes she hadn't been able to get out one of the knots in my shoulders. Lifting a 32 pound kiddo multiple times a day has been awesome for my biceps but seems to be leaving my neck and shoulders much much worse for wear.
On the good side...
  • LO is doing very well in preschool.  She is a model student and saves all the sass and whining for me. Lucky me.
  • We are settling into our house.  With time, we have stepped back from the majority of projects we initially thought we would undertake but still have some we need to get started on either pricing or actually having completed.  Right now we are waiting on a response from the builder...they talked a big talk but the longer we live here, the more we see things that were done before we moved in that aren't up to our standards.
  • LO and I survived our first ever (for both of us) trip to Chuck E. Cheese for a birthday party. She was much more into the mouse than I anticipated after her negative reactions to Santa, the Easter Bunny, & Chik-fil-a cow; well, at least compared to the slightly older birthday girl.
  • LO is also daytime potty trained! Not sure how that happened but I think there was some bribery on our part, peer-pressure at preschool, and poof before I knew what hit us she was switched over.  Night-time, well, night-time is a bit of a different story but she seems to be getting there, waking up more mornings than not with a dry diaper. Even if it means she wakes me up to take her potty as she is still sleeping in her crib (aka the last bastion of containment).
I guess that's as good as update as I can give. I'm trying to be grateful and enjoy at the good stuff but I'm feeling pretty negative right now.

Though it was pretty funny the other day when LO, who was in the bathroom with DH, told him to "shake it" as he was finishing up.  The things kids say!

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  1. We too have ants. George happily stomps around them and Stevie tries to eat them. The cats are not bothered. Gah!
    Potty trained during the day, you say? Close to being completely potty trained? Heartfelt congratulations, dear! We are still stuck in the hide-in-the-corner-shoo-everyone-to-poop stage. Ridiculous!
    Every time I see a new post of yours, I quietly hope it is the one who announces a surprise. I may not comment right away, but I always read, and never give up hope.