Monday, December 17, 2012

And yet more.

DH and I were talking about it the other day and we concluded that at least one person in our only 3 person family has been sick since OCTOBER!

Yes, we emerged from the November crud with some residual coughing only to plunge straight back into the abyss of yuck with some sort of viral attack and croup for Little One at the beginning of last week followed immediately by strep for her and I on Friday and DH today (Monday).  Though given that I have coughed myself into a pulled muscle between my ribs (under my underwire so it's especially awkward) I suspect I am now suffering from LO's virus of last week.

This is really beginning to get quite ridiculous.  Even the Doctor is ready to stop seeing us on such a regular basis, and the pharmacist knows us by name without having to ask.

**Such concerns seem so mundane in light of the other events of Friday the 14th.  I can't even imagine - what those parents wouldn't give to be dealing with this instead.**

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  1. Oh-dee, oh-uh, not good bad, as George would say. But then think about that iron-clad immunity you're building - the crud will turn around and run when it hears who it has to fight with next time...
    As for the 14th, you are right. Am I such a horrible person that I am ever so grateful I am not in those parents' shoes? Those poor children, how can you believe still have faith when such things happen?