Friday, March 2, 2012

Croup?! Really?

I seriously thought Croup was one of those diseases every knows about but no one really gets. I now stand corrected.

LO has the croup. I have an upper respiratory infection. DH hasn't been to the doctor but is feeling healthier. All the better to care for us sicko's.

Anyway, LO is on a prednisone liquid, and I have zithromycin (Z-pak) generic plus a codeine based cough medicine to help my abs (and pelvic floor) recover from the coughing I've been doing.

There's also an unfilled script for antibiotics on the chance that LO's ears go from "not normal" to infected.

I am hopeful that all 3 of us are feeling better by the end of the weekend. God knows I can't take another week of congestion and runny nose.


In unrelated news, the dog fell down the stairs this AM and is now limping horribly on her right hind leg. She gets to visit the vet in the morning.

I'm assuming that's the 3rd of the 3 of things coming in 3's.


  1. The bug party you're having, my dear... I do NOT envy you.
    One of the mums brought her kid at the creche along with the medicine because he had had an attack of the croup the other night and wanted to make sure the teachers gave him something if it happened again. How about keeping him at home and do that yourself, lady? Some people, really...
    So I am not surprised if more kids get the croup at our creche soon. George has the sniffles now. Isn't that lovely?
    Get better soon!

  2. Yup, frigging cold and flu season never seems to end!!! Croup sucks, but thankfully it doesn't tend to stick around too horribly long. Good luck, mama!

  3. Croup really is the pits. Those middle of the night 'bark' sounding coughs really go straight through you. Wishing you all a speedy recovery.