Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Today Was A Pretty Good Day

Well, apart from the visit to the dermatologist costing me another mole. This one about 4 inches below the large one I had removed over the summer.

My MIL came over to watch the Little One so I could go to the appointment, so that meant I had time to do fun things like run multiple errands without fighting the car seat battle at every stop, and time to wander a bit aimlessly instead of shooting through the stores like a scud missile.

I also got a chance to meet with the Director of the Preschool/lead teacher of the class LO would be in should we decide to enroll her in the fall. I liked her, I liked the classroom, I like that there is structure to the day but it also allows for some self-selection of activity within that structure. Yes, since the Preschool is tied to a church, there is religious overtones to the instruction but it seems to be pretty mild and not of the strident overbearing variety. Heck, even the older classes only have chapel 1x per month (unlike the weekly schedule my preschool observed). I definitely didn't have any gut negatives about the teacher or building, and the classes that were meeting today seemed to be pretty happy kids.

AND I bought a pair of trendy shoes. Well, trendy for me, the style is probably so last summer for everyone else. But they'll be great on our trip in April. Actually, I only bought one thing for another member of the family today (and it was on my list), everything else on impulse was for me! I don't know about anyone else but it's so hard to buy for myself now - I'm always finding stuff for LO or DH even if the plan is just to look for myself - so that limitation felt like a pretty big accomplishment.

I even got to go to the grocery store and not feel like I was tied to a ticking bomb which could erupt at any moment. But, by then I was running out of things I needed to do so I went home where I got to see LO and my MIL interacting without either one noticing I was there for a few minutes. (I really didn't sneak in, I just didn't make much noise.)

Yep, today was a pretty good day. Even if DH had a business dinner (wait, that meant I didn't have to cook dinner and LO and I could stuff ourselves silly with naan and was a good evening, too!) and isn't going to be home until sometime before 10pm.


  1. Running errands sans children is SO MUCH EASIER! As for the carseat battle, have you tried letting LO climb in herself? I ask Aidan to climb in like a monkey and he's usually delighted to (with a little boost from me of course).

  2. You're a wild one, you are! Downright untameable.
    Loved the shoes. But then I love Clarks. They are oh so comfy...