Monday, March 14, 2011

Prayers / Advice Please! (Edited)

My cousin and his wife were expecting fraternal boy/girl twins with a due date in June.

They recently found out that the boy has some level of Trisomy issues - I have received the information 3rd hand, so I was told it's not Down's Syndrome, it may be 18 - and had to make some hard decisions. Apparently they had an appointment today at which action was taken. After a couple days of bed rest they will go back to make sure their daughter is still doing well.

Their baby shower was scheduled for this coming Saturday.

I really feel for them. It stinks to learn that fertility and healthy babies are not things to be taken for granted.


  1. Oh, such a sad situation :( Decisions no one should ever have to make. Hoping for peace and rest for your family.

  2. Oh, that's heart-breaking. The health of yourself and your loved ones is never, ever something to take for granted.