Thursday, February 24, 2011



These Spork Little's by Light My Fire are the top spoons for Little One. I purchased them on a whim, just thinking they were cute, but they shot to the top after just one use.

The obvious difference between them and the Munchkin Safety Spoons we've been using, is that the bowls are wider and shallower. And without that heavy coating of plastic which, frankly, isn't all that useful.

And oh my goodness it makes such a difference in getting the food cleanly into Little One's mouth.

Less food around the mouth means more food into the little tummy and less cleanup afterword.

As we all know, less cleanup means less screaming. (Why is it that cleanup after a meal appears to be such a traumatic event?)

And less screaming is good. As are these spoon/fork thingies.

(This is not a sponsored review.)

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  1. I got some fancy spoons that we don't like, and then some cheaper when I forgot them at home once. Useless to say that the cheaper ones are loads better, right? And they are the perfect toy as well.