Monday, July 12, 2010

A Surprising Saturday

So, Saturday. DH and I both had plans to do some more things with the nursery. I was going to finish moving out the remaining non-baby items such as wrapping paper and a few other assorted items like Christmas Cards which had been stored in one of the dresses and are now waiting to leave the room for the basement. DH was going to re-do the light/fan switch to correct the horrible buzzing noise caused by the dimmer for the light and put up the window valences (and perhaps go out and get the blackout shades I also wanted to add to install those as well).

In other words, nothing really major was planned outside of a good sleeping in before starting the day, but they were still items which needed to be addressed before the Little One made her appearance at the end of August.

Because of this, Friday night we both were up until Midnight - I futzed around on-line for a while until I got bored, and then I watched DH play a PS3 game he recently picked back up. At midnight I decided to head to bed even though I wasn't particularly tired and DH decided to come up with me. Unfortunately he had eaten something which disagreed with his stomach and shortly after getting into bed he got back out to spend some quality time in the bathroom. Me, I went to sleep until I woke up for my regular overnight visit to the potty only to find him still on the potty, not having ever returned to bed. I went down the hall to the 2nd bath and did what I needed to do.

You know what they say about plans - man makes them and God laughs? (You should since I mentioned it last week.) That's where the surprise came in.

When I got back into bed, and went to settle myself into my preferred side sleeping position, there was an almighty gush of liquid from my lady parts. It was an unstoppable torrent. Given that I had just fully emptied my bladder, there was no mistaking what had happened. Yep. My water broke at some time between 2:45 and 3AM Saturday morning.

At 33 1/2 weeks.

So, after fetching me a towel so I could dry off and make it to the bathroom for a pad and to the closet for clothes, off went DH to call the OB's office who told us to head to the hospital.

Less than 12 hours later, including a ambulance ride with lights and sirens blaring to a more high-tech hospital about an hour away by normal speeds, an epidural, a half hour of Pitocin to speed up the epidural slowed contractions, and about 20-30 minutes covering about 5 contractions worth of pushing, our little girl made her impatient way into the world at 1:27pm on Saturday July 10, weighing in at a respectable 4 lb 6oz, and measuring 18.5" long. In my unabashedly biased opinion she is the most beautiful little girl in the nursery.

She and I are both doing very well - I had two level 2 tears which have been are handled by Motrin, and apart from some slightly elevated billiruben levels, all her systems are working like they should be. Sunday evening she got the nod to start formula at 5ml and this afternoon to jump to 11ml. We even gave breastfeeding a try - we didn't do so well, but we're both learning as we go. Despite the positive outlook, current estimates are that Little One will have to stay for probably 3 weeks. =(

It's not exactly what I had planned for Saturday or for Little One's arrival, but it could have gone a lot worse. For the record, even when your birth plan is as simple as "go into labor on my own, and leave the hospital with a healthy baby" it can be too complicated.

More of the birth story and pictures to come once I can find and connect the camera to the computer.



    Surprising indeed! Silly little girl, you're gonna have your hands full with that one, eh? Can't wait to hear more about your birth story, it sounds thrilling!

    As for breastfeeding, if it helps you at all it hurt like a son-of-a-gun at first, and Aidan cracked both my nipples the first day. And every time he latched on it felt like his mouth was full of glass and it HURT (the people who say breastfeeding should't hurt are lying, it hurts at first).

    But! When my milk came in 4 days later, and my nipples healed, it was easy-peasy. So, hopefully that's encouraging to you. Please give yourself a pat on the back from me, and a hug to your little girl!

  2. Congratulations!! What an eventful labor story! Best of luck in the next few days....

  3. Holy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations girl! I'm so happy that you are doing well and that your precious little girl is as well! I hope that the 3 week estimate is shortened way down and that you get to come home with your LO very, very soon.

    I cannot wait to see pictures!

    (and on a completely selfish note ... um, yeah? my heart just stopped when I read this because hello? weren't you due like 2-3 weeks after me? - ahhh!)

  4. Wow!! Congrats, what a surprise! I'm so happy that you and baby girl are doing well, despite the surprise!

  5. OMG
    WOW, WOW, WOW!
    There are no other words. (Except for I'm sure she is the best looking one there as well!)

  6. Congratulations! So happy to hear that everyone is happy and healthy. Can't wait to hear and see more!

  7. Oh my goodness, what a dramatic entrance!!! Congratulations to you all and welcome (a little early) to motherhood!

  8. Like I said in the email, congrats! Can't wait to see pictures!

  9. Congratulations! I'm so glad things turned out so great! I'm sure the NICU time will fly by and you'll all be home togther soon :)

  10. I come via LFCA and want to say a BIG CONGRATULATIONS on the safe, if early, arrival of your daughter. I do hope she is snuggled up at home with her mommy and daddy very soon. Best wishes to your family. Enjoy.

  11. Congratulations! And I bet she totally IS the most beautiful baby in the nursery, if not the whole State.

  12. Ok I didn't see that one coming, I was expecting to hear of your plights on the loo due to the food too!
    Many many congratulations to you and yours on the somewhat sruprising birth of your little girl.
    So happy for you! Take care xx

  13. Aaah, what?! Jeez, girls! Surprise does so not cover this entire situation!
    Congratulations! And best of luck to you both and hopefully everything goes perfect and the stay in NICU is shorter than 3 weeks.
    And fingers crossed for breastfeeding!
    OMG, this is so unexpected and so wonderful! I am so happy for you, not that she came earlier, but that you are both all right! Can't wait for the birth story and pictures - when you have the time, of course.
    Congratulations again, momma, on your miraculous baby! ;-)

  14. WOW! Congratulations! I can't wait to hear more!

  15. I still can't believe it - I remember thinking OMG after I got your email, like, did I just read that right? Crazy!

    I am so glad both you guys are doing well, and I can't wait to see her - and find out her name. Squee!

  16. Welcome to the world little one. Congratulations!

  17. Congrats to u on your wonderful addition!