Thursday, July 15, 2010

Status Updates...For The Week.

Bullets from the brain dead...

  • My feet are slowly unswelling. The 5 1/2 bags of IV fluids during labor did not help. I don't know why I was expecting this to magically disappear once Little One was ejected. Today has been the best day yet.
  • So far, at 5 days post-partum, I am down 6 pounds. Leaving only 10 pounds to get to pre-pregnancy weight. WAIT> don't hate me...please, I still look 6 months pregnant from the side since my abdominal muscles and so on are weak, weak, weak, and I am almost continually starving (especially after the 2AM pumping) so I'm sure that these numbers will change for the worse as time passes and I eat more.
  • The window cleaners came this morning - it's been 3 years since their last visit, so more sunlight is coming in than in a long, long time. It's so worth the $$$. And was one of those things I had scheduled to occur before Little One came. Next week - the carpet cleaners.
  • Wednesday Little One was taken off the billi lights and moved out of her isolette into an open top bassinet. She also was allowed to put on one of the outfits we brought. All together now...AWWWWWWW. Unfortunately her billi levels went back up Thursday so she was back under the lights without her outfit. :( BUT she should be back to the outfits as of Friday evening.
  • Thursday I returned to the nursery after lunch to find the nurses taking a blood sample while Little One screamed. It probably upset me for longer than it did her since the sample taking was followed almost immediately by a bottle and almost an hour of sleepy snuggles with me.
  • Also Thursday her bottle was up to 25ml (plus 2 more so she wouldn't suck air) from the first feeding of only 5ml. An ounce is 30ml, so she should be there and beyond before I know it. My girl puts it away like a champion!
  • Pumping is getting easier and more productive. I'm so glad I can do this for her since I can do so little else until she stabilizes her billi levels and gains enough weight to come home. Though I have to admit the overnight wakings take more time than when she was still safely ensconced in my body and all I had to do was pee.
  • I think it was Amalah who promoted the Target breastfeeding tanks...she knows of what she writes! Very comfortable and perfect for the 90+ degree weather which has settled in.
  • I spoke with one of the doctors on Friday - the chances are very good if Little One can gain and hold onto weight after coming off the IV fluids and go through one day of scheduled unlimited feeds and one day of unlimited feeds on demand that she will be able to come home on Tuesday. Eeeeek!
  • The doctor also confirmed a minor tongue tie which has not prevented her from guzzling from the bottle (they would address it if it were causing feeding issues on the bottle), but I am still concerned might be an issue on the breast. Certainly something which I will be discussing with the pediatrician sometime next week. (Thanks go to, again, Amalah, for bringing this to my attention.)


  1. Oh dear, I can't tell you how happy I am to read (mostly) good news from you!
    The weight will go down, and when the water is no longer retained, you will see a lot of changes, I think.
    The LO sounds to be a super-trooper, eating well, and generally doing everything in her power to come home sooner. I hope the tongue tie is not really a problem and you soon get down to business. ;-)
    Your daughter is here! Dang! I still can't believe this...
    Fingers crossed for everything to go smoothly and for you to go home soon!

  2. Oh I've been waiting for an update and I'm so glad to hear that things are moving along! Tuesday? I so hope that you can bring her home then!!!!! What a little fighter baby! I love it!!! More pictures when you can!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't know much about the weight / water but I can only imagine that it takes a few weeks for your ute to shrink down after birth - hopng that those ab muscles will cooperate soon!

  3. Update on the belly: 7 days out and I (not to brag too much) could probably wear a two-piece bathing suit and not look horrible - not like a model, but no worse than some people do.

    Actually, given the way my boobs have magically grown over the past week, I'm guessing no one would even notice the remaining belly flab. LOL Though the linea negra (sp?) still remains.

    Hurray for pumping and (future) breast feeding for helping to shrink the ute!

  4. Definitely get the tongue tie snipped! My sister in law has a tongue tied baby, and her doctor said not to snip because it was no big deal, but breastfeeding is still painful two months later and she got a breast infection from the mangling he was giving her boobs.

    Yay for Little One getting to come home soon!!! And double yay for you for pumping!!!