Tuesday, June 22, 2010

31 Week Update


I have a confession. I am a belly rubber. Have been for a while now. But it's not meant as an attention drawing measure, I swear. It just feels really good, especially now when the little one is doing her best to stretch her boundaries. So if you see a woman in the grocery store absentmindedly rubbing her belly while contemplating a shelf, give her the benefit of the doubt, okay (especially if she's not wearing one of those baby slogan t-shirts)? It may not be what you first thought.

Last weeks OB appointment went well, with no need to plead for alternate glove measures as there was no internal exam. Phew. Heartbeat was checked - she had one. Fundal measurement was taken - 30cm - so measuring right on schedule there. Blood Pressure was fine (103/60?). Up another pound, so that's 1/2 pound a week gain. I can live with that. Birth size projected as somewhere between 6.5 and 7.5 pounds. There may have been a sharp intake of breath and comically wide popped eyes at the latter number. According to my girly bits, small is good! Most depressing comment - your other foot will probably catch up with the one that's swollen more thanks to the heat and humidity of summer. Jeez. Thanks for the encouragement there. Next appointment is in two weeks (from that appointment) with one of the docs I hope is on call for delivery. We'll see if I have to fight the glove fight at that appointment. Oh, the drama!

Strangely enough, I feel like I look bigger naked than clothed. For some reason I thought it would be the other way around. At least that has a simple resolution - stop looking at myself naked in the mirror.

Thursday night the Little One was boogieing down. Hiccups, movement, you name it, the outside of my belly was moving all over the place. It's so much fun to watch. Then over the weekend, DH and I were in the midst of enjoying a little post {ahem} what got us into this condition {ahem} time, and he got kicked (again, but at least this time not in the ear).

I have to admit that in my experience, the mythical 2nd trimester libido boost was just that, mythical. I also have to admit that even when I'm not especially feeling it to begin with, once we get started and the logistics figured out, it feels pretty good, even if the event is limited to weekend afternoons. During the week is pretty much out thanks to DH's crazy work schedule and my need for sleep only allowing us 2-3 (max) hours between his arrival home and bedtime. Those few hours need to include both dinner and time for him to decompress from the stresses of work, and since we don't have a DVR or Tivo, there are certain shows that we have to catch in time-slots if we don't want to wait for reruns. Weekend afternoons are generally much more relaxed and unscheduled.

No big updates to the nursery this week other than my pulling the remaining items out of the closet to go to the basement and hanging up the outfits for which I have hangers. I'm guessing except for perhaps hanging the valances (which are in the room, just not in place) not much else is going to happen between now and mid-July when the showers start. Even in it's half-completed state, it makes me very happy to go in every so often and take a few minutes to sit in the glider and soak it all in. I promise there will be pictures at some point in the future when it is more presentable.

One thing I've started to contemplate: meals for the post-birth period. Things like what can be prepared in advance vs. what would be good to have on hand for easy prep that will appeal to both me and DH (who has an aversion to most casseroles since the meat and noodles or other starch and veggies and sauce are all mixed together). Any suggestions?

Oh, I need your opinion on something else as well...I have been offered a used infant car seat in apparently the exact model/colors I have selected. According to my MIL who is closer to the person offering than I am, it's in excellent condition, no stains, no accidents, etc., etc. Am I being a prima-donna-first-time-momma for not wanting to go used (which I slightly feel like, but it's mah pwecious babeeee) even with a known history, or am I being smart? Halp!


  1. Don't be ashamed of being a belly rubber. You've earned it! As for DTD...I am right there with you girl...the 2T libido is a complete and utter myth. Weekends are it.

    With regards to the car seat, I'd totally take it. Keep in mind that you can only use the infant car seat until they hit a certain weight anyways so you are going to wind up buying a new one in about a year anyways.

  2. I'd take the car seat. Baby will not know the difference, and I'm sure she has plenty of other brand spankin' new things to not feel slighted.

    I'm an itty bitty baby belly rubber, and I own it. Since I can't feel the baby yet, it makes me feel like at least the baby can feel me. ♥

  3. I loved to rub my belly, too. Rub away!

    As far as baby size, they estimated (via an ultrasound and tons of measurements) at 37 weeks that my little one was already 6lb 10oz. 3 weeks later when she arrived at 40 weeks, she was only 6lb 4oz. So I don't put much stock in the estimates.

    I got a used carseat from my sister-in-law. Guess this is totally up to you. I would probably want to look at it first to make sure it was ok. Does she want it back after you use it? If not, just go ahead and take it and then if you don't want to use it, just get rid of it.

  4. You've earned the belly rub. :)

    There is a great book called "Baby Bargains" (can't remember the authors off the top of my head), that covers where you can save money, and buy used items, and rates all the different brands. It's a great book, and I highly recommend it.

    They have a stance on not buying used car seats for safety reasons. Apparently, there are several reasons for this, and I would highly recommend that you look up this book and read the section on it. They do a very good job of explaining why (better than I could).

  5. Nixy, I do have the Baby Bargains book - and the seat is one of the top rated both there and by Consumer Reports, so that's why I had picked it; but I had forgotten about the section against used car seats. Thanks for the reminder - I'll be sure to review that and add that information to my decision making process!

  6. Ah yes the ol' belly rubbing. Shame it doesn't get us any fress stuff though eh?
    As for the libido, mine packed up and shipped out months ago. I guess I'm in the minority when I confess I'm happy to go without.. completely!

    I have started thinking about freezing meals too. Will be investing in some small-ish tuppaware style containers and making batches of bolognese sauce (our fave) and things like cauliflower cheese, mac cheese and the like. I might get the googler out and see if there's anything that's a no no.

  7. I do the belly rubbing to, just to try to move her from the place see is in (kicking my ribs).

    I would personnaly not take the car seat as I´m a prima donna, don´t know even if your MIL is close to the person how it has been handled was it dropped?. I want a new car seat as I have waited for 5 years for this baby, I think I have earned the right to buy everything new if I want to.

  8. babygaga, my MIL is pretty close to this person, so I'm sure I can trust her account of how it was used (also DH and she were close at one time - not dating close, like siblings close), but your last bit "I think I have earned the right to buy everything new if I want to" also expresses how I feel.

    (Cheapskate side of me vs. entitled side of me - and the smackdown is on!!!)

  9. Phew, so I am not the only belly rubber... ;-)) I try not to do it too much in public, but sometimes bubs moves so sudden, it hurts, and I need to calm him down somehow, and rubbing does the trick.

    Sorry about the swelling. And I have no idea about what to do with the car seat. But I am sure you'll figure it out.

  10. Just wanted to say congrats on reaching such a huge milestone of (almost) 32 weeks!
    I also love rubbing my belly and feel like it's the best I can do to hold and squeeze my little one right now.
    We've certainly earned it!