Monday, April 26, 2010

23 Week Update

Funny event of the week: DH and I were having some, ahem, adult time, and I suggested that he might be able to hear She Who Has Not Yet Been Named's* heartbeat if he put his ear on my belly. He did so, and his reward was not a heartbeat but...a swift kick to the ear. You know this is going to be one of those stories trotted out in the future with the sole purpose of embarrassing offspring. (Well, apart from including the adult time portion, that part doesn't need to be shared!)

We ordered the crib Sunday, online. In the end we went with the Kalani from Million Dollar Baby/Davinci; known quantity and all that having seen it in store assembled full-size. Cross your fingers that it comes undamaged, etc. As per this morning's email, it has shipped FedEx ground and should arrive within the next 5 days. I'm kicking myself a bit because if I'd ordered it a few hours earlier from a different store I could have saved us some money, but some in this case equals $20 or less, so not really worth kicking myself too hard. But principle and all requires a bit of self-flagellation, even if DH isn't participating. I'll let you know how the end result goes - always good to have another option when price shopping!

We've picked the final paint color for the one or two walls in the nursery (Behr Apricot something, I can't remember and don't have it in front of me...maybe Blossom?), so once the current furniture is out of the room DH can start with that, along with the growing number of little projects in there such as flipping the fan blades from the pickled oak side to the white side down, changing out the fan switch to allow separate control of the light and fan, attaching the scuttle which allows access to the underside of our shower through the closet (and yes, the builder should have done that as part of the call-backs but never did, grrr), and maybe adding a lower rod and second (higher) shelf to the closet. Minor things, really. :)

Lunch yesterday found me wandering through the aisles at J.C. Penney - they have the best maternity bottoms (at least they fit me nicely, YMMV) - with a $10 coupon. They were also having a big sale, so I ended up with a pair of Khaki knee-length shorts (the better to hide my cottage cheese thighs), another newborn size outfit {this one has the most adorable butt-ruffle} (I know, I'm tempting fate by buying newborn sizes! BUT this is only the 2nd. Everything else has been 3 months or larger) plus an adorable 3 month size zip-front sweatshirt which will be perfect as the cooler weather comes in & all for less than half of the tag price for the shorts after coupon, sale prices, and tax-credit. Worked for me!

On the way home from work, I swung by one of the local consignment stores to see if they had any bedroom sets in white - they did, but it had already been snapped up. S'okay, I didn't love the style so no big loss. BUT they do have a wish book, so I signed up for that so if something does come in in white or pastel they'll let me know so I can look (without obligation). I also went by the DAV (Disabled Vets) thrift store - and nothing there was even worth considering for repainting. Still need to go by the thrift store which benefits the local-ish Children's Hospital to see what might be there. And start trolling Craigslist.

New Craving: Bacon (American style, not the Canadian rounds or English rashers). I could eat pounds of it a week. But I resist. Still, nothing gets my mouth watering like the prospect of a good BLT (warm & crispy bacon, cold lettuce, tomato, & mayonnaise). Drool. I'm wondering if the grill at the grocery store I need to visit at lunch makes them...

The belly continues to round out and Saturday morning's weigh on the home scale found me back at my pre-pregnancy weight from November. I'm sure that has absolutely nothing to do with my ongoing love affair with bacon, homemade sweet tea (decaf) and Harris Teeter brand lemonade. I think I'm starting to run about 1 pound a week, so that's still perfectly reasonable.

Knocking on wood desperately here, but I have yet to develop a single new stretch mark. I lotion up every morning post-shower from my hips to my neck and have recently added my lower back since the skin back there has been feeling tighter as my belly expands. Lotion or slow weight gain? Whatever the reason, I'm grateful and will keep up with the lotioning.

Wednesday we go back for the monthly check and another ultrasound since Little One was uncooperative about showing her heart at the last appointment. There's not been one peep from my OB's office about the Glucose tolerance test, and I'm debating as to whether I should bring it up if the doc I see this week does not. I also need to ask about hospital tour and birth classes. That just seems so surreal.

*Sunday night we settled on a tentative first and middle name. It's a bit of a compromise since neither one of us is in love with the first name, but it's about the only one we both agree on. It's semi-popular, but hopefully not one she'll share with 50% of the girls in her class. And since it's tentative, it's still subject to change in the next 17 (!) weeks or so. Whoa, that's a head trip.


  1. Bacon should be soft and slapped between 2 pieces of self sliced bread with maybe a fried egg in there somewhere! What a craving though.. I like it!

  2. I love bacon and I don't have a pregnancy excuse!

  3. OMG! I've had 3 BLT's in the past week myself!!! Soooo funny! I think it's because when I go into deli's I feel like I can't have the cold cuts so the BLT's are the next best thing. I love them!
    So glad you ordered your crib and I hope it comes in undamaged. I'm so jealous that you're going to have the crib so soon. I'm STILL waiting ... but that's another story :)

  4. The kicking is awesome. We were spooning one night (I use hubs as pregnancy pillow when I can ;-)) and he got to feel the kicks in the back. He was thrilled to be poked, which does not happen when I accidentally poke him (yeah, wonder why...). ;-))
    It's truly a wonderful time.
    Happy nesting to you. ;-)

  5. Your crib is beautiful! I was going for one very similar, but then another one came up on sale with nearly $300 off and I went with that one. The only thing is that hanging mobiles and other crib toys off of it is fairly difficult. I finally found an aquarium (with remote control!) that fits over the impossibly thick rails.

    Hopefully you don't have the same issue!