Tuesday, April 13, 2010

21 Week Update

Oh hi.

Not much going on here* - just growing teh belly. It's getting harder to cross my legs while sitting, and since that is my preferred position at work (I think because it changes the angle at which I am sitting to a more comfortable one) I need to figure out some way to accomplish the same thing. Right now I'm thinking some sort of foot rest would keep the same or a similar angle.

The little one is still not much of a kicker or mover unless I'm in bed or manage to move in such a way that she feels extra squished - like when I lean forward over my legs to reach something on the floor from a seated position.

The crib bedding and mobile have come in but I have yet to open the boxes. I'm feeling superstitious about doing so, but can't really point to a specific reason why.

Talking about superstitious, DH was finally able to shave off his goatee. He was waiting for a work project to complete before he did so and I'm so so so glad it's gone. I really hated kissing him with it. Hair always ended up in my nose or in my mouth and it just gave me the creeps. ::shudder::

And since he is now back home for (mostly) good, we are finally going to go and look at cribs in person, and hopefully some other stuff, this weekend. While I really like the design of the two I've shown you, I need to see some cribs in person to really understand what I'm looking at, and the sample displays at Wal-Mart and Target are just not cutting it!

I succumbed and bought Clinical Strength deodorant/antiperspirant. Was it worth it for 1-2% extra chemicals for about twice the price and half the product? I'm not sure. Even using that at night before bed (so about 7 hours before I get up & shower) and my regular deodorant/antiperspirant in the morning, and under non-extreme warmth conditions (ie it's still in the mid-70's outside) I've had a couple episodes of obvious under-arm circles. Anyone with experience with this product working, please chime in with any advice. Rereading Amalah's Advice Smackdown column addressing it, those commenting seemed to be HUGE fans of Certain Dri, so that's probably going to be my next option.

This past Saturday morning found me knee-deep in working on clearing out the wrapping paper and other supplies stored in the closet of and in the room we plan to use for the baby. I am consequently imposing some purchasing limitations on myself - no Christmas wrapping paper or any season tissue paper purchases until the current supplies are significantly depleted. I can't help it, the post-Christmas sales suck me in. (They are evil I tell you!) I tried to be pretty ruthless with boxes and bags as well, so our recycling pickup this week was much larger than you would reasonably expect for one person. Next job in there - going through the sewing supplies and organizing them. The tubs are waiting.

The thing is, I'm not sure where else this stuff can go, other than the basement, and well, it's going to be a pain to have to bring upstairs every time I need to wrap a present or sew something. Though, I have to admit, the majority of my recent sewing machine use has been limited to repairs instead of creation, so I'm trying to finish up those projects instead of shuffling them to another location, and/or decide if the item is even worth resuscitation. This is hard work for one such as I with genetically dominate pack-rat tendencies. NOT hoarder level, but like my predisposition towards clumsy, it comes naturally!

*Please note every time I've said that I've ended up writing 10x more than I thought I would. Must learn to edit and be less wordy. College writing center - FAIL!


  1. Since the readers do not complain about the length of your posts, why should you? We are interested in what you say, whoever finds it boring may leave, so don't apologize for anything, the least of all the length of your posts. I wanted to get this off my chest. ;-)

    The pack-rat tendencies are understandable. And how cool it is to need something AND find it in the other room?! Just very cool, thankyouverymuch!

    Very soon you will fell her kicking more often, keeping you up at night or waking you up too early. I find it sweet, not upsetting. I have waited so much for this, that nothing the baby does can upset me. Yet. ;-) You know what I mean.

  2. What a great post and ditto Kmina's comment, don't ever apologise for the lengths of your post. It's your blog.. you do what the heck you like!
    Clearing out seems a good idea. We are thinking of clearing out the back room for the nursery - I just need some motivation!

  3. Not apologizing! Merely expressing frustration with my inability to fully express my thoughts in a concise manner. Ah well, everyone has their skill set, mine just doesn't happen to include that.

  4. Take my word for it regarding packing your sewing supplies away: You won't need them for a good long while after your little one is here. My advice? Pack them away for now, get your nursery set up, bring your baby home, and then figure out the rest as you go. You'll be surprised to find what are your new essentials!