Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Talk About 'Pants on the Floor'!

I broke out the ye olde Motherhood Maternity jeans today.

**Fair warning - I'm petite and had to buy the regular length version as even before washing the petite cut were riding at my ankles. What's up with that?**

Silly me thought that having to pull up my pants was going to be a thing of the past. Now in addition to having to pull up my pants (having the waist loosened on my regular jeans meant that there was nothing there to hold them up...) after every time I sit down, I have to pull up my underwear too. You wanted to know that, right? Maybe it's because I'm still clinging (oh jeez, that's a bad pun) to my Vickie's cotton because they ride comfortably under the mini-bump?

Plus, with the mat. jeans, I get the joy of doing a near constant check to make sure my top hasn't ridden up enough to show off the lovely transition to the navy blue stretchy waist part. Grrr.

So, today's assignments after work: (1) return the items I need to return to the outlet mall, (2) search for medium weight tunic-length tops to help me transition to warmer weather, & (3) hunt for a comfortable pair of clogs (most likely Clark's since that's about the only shoe store there that actually carries size 5 shoes. I'm really hoping my feet go up a size with this pregnancy and stay there so I can find shoes that fit in almost every store.) And do all this before my stomach starts to rebel!

I skipped the outlets in favor of a visit to the closer Kohl's and J.C. Penney. With a quick stop first at Starbucks for a restorative vanilla foam (or whatever the hell they call their steamed milk) and a slice of banana bread (disappointing, however immodest it might be, mine is significantly better!), I started at Kohl's. Oh Kohl's. I think if I say that their maternity line is off-shoot of Motherhood, that's really all that needs to be said, isn't it? I tried, I really did, but there was just no help - even the non-maternity tops I tried on hung down well towards my knees.

Penney's was a different story. While there were still a few unfortunate designs (I'm starting to think that some maternity designers have never actually been pregnant...) the majority of the options were more trendy, more basic and are actually, you know, wearable without screaming "hey look at me I'm pregnant and wearing dorky clothing because it's all I could find." (If you love the Motherhood clothing, good for you. It's just not me!) And that's why I walked out with 3 tops and 2 pairs of jeans for less than $60. Well, that it's actually clothing that looks like the pre-pregnant me, and everything was fantastically on sale.


  1. I honestly despise all of my Motherhood stuff.
    Hate, hate, hate it.

    I've found that the only jeans that I'm not constantly pulling at are the Gap maternity jeans (and pants) - I dunno if that helps you.

    Also, I bought "Be Maternity" seamless maternity tank/cami's at Target and I LOVE them. They are long and I don't feel like I'm showing my butt crack or the blue jeans band when I bend over.

  2. I hoe you can get some 'clobber' that fits! I'm still in between normal and mat clothes although I did fire a button at a colleague the other day.
    Mat clothes are just so expensive here in the UK.

  3. I hated all mine too. I found a pair of khaki maternity pants and liked those so much I went back and bought more. That was it--everything else was trash. Thank God I got lucky and didn't need any maternity wear until almost the 6 month mark. I used to tell my husband we would have a celebratory bonfire after the baby came and we would burn all the maternity clothes.

  4. I seem to be disagreeing with you ladies, since I don't really hate maternity clothing. OK, it's no fancy stuff but the jeans I have are super comfortable. And I so much enjoy comfortable right now.
    But in the tops dept, boy, do they have run out of ideas... They are all either too long or too shapeless. At this stage the bump is not that big so I can still make do with what I have. So I've decided to cross the bridge of 'odd tops' when I get there. I can't multitask worrying, I have to concentrate on one item at a time. ;-)

  5. I sure remember those days. Every time you even think about moving, your freakin' underwear heads south. Then you gotta dig under your huge navy blue stretchy thought-these-were-real-jeans-but-ha! band and pull them up. Then the tank tops start creeping up and show off said blue band. Oh, for an extra taste of classiness, I used to be able to bend over far enough to expose butt crack even with miles of that blue band.

    Don't get me started on how much cleavage maternity shirts tend to show. What's with that??

    I had pretty good luck with Walmert maternity clothes though.