Monday, March 22, 2010

Cough, Hack, Snort, Sneeze, Wheeze

Those are the noises I've been making for the past few days.

Yes, gentle readers, I have been unlucky enough to find myself in possession of a full-grown cold. I suspect it was shared with me by my bosses wife. Though, I guess I should be lucky to be the last in line to come down with something - boss had bronchitis, bosses wife had cold that moved into bronchitis, and my co-worker (who I don't see much as he mostly works in outside the office) is also suffering from some sort of respiratory illness requiring medical intervention.

We're a fun group to be around!

(I'm just glad and knocking on wood 'til my knuckles are raw that I haven't been struck by the stomach flu that's going around the area. I need to throw up more like I need, well, you get the picture.)

Hope all of you are managing to stay well and healthy out there!


  1. Sorry to hear you're feeling pants. It doesn't help that we're limited as to what we can take.
    I've found that if I'm in the vicinity of someone dspositing germs that I will make any excuse to leave the area.

    Hope you start to feel yourelf again soon.

  2. Oh, poor you!
    Unwanted assvice - drink lots of hip rose tea, it's loaded with vit. C and it is very much all right for your 'delicate' condition. And it's not all that bad as tea during a cold might sound.
    I hope you shake off this cold soon.
    Take care,

  3. ugh, sorry you aren't felling well. I was down last week, and am glad that after a z-pack, am now feeling better... but still feal like I haven't caught up on sleep! Hope you feel better soon!