Tuesday, March 9, 2010

16 Week Update

Not much terribly new here. (Yet look how many paragraphs I can fill about 'nothing new'. Staggering, isn't it?)

I'm wondering if I can say the sickness is starting to abate without jinxing myself? That said, life is still better when I scarf down 4 or 5 saltines before anything else in the morning.* If nothing else, it means my French Vanilla Carnation Instant Breakfast is staying down when I chug it before leaving for work.

It seems to me that by later in the day I am starting to be able to tolerate greater amounts of food than I had been, and correspondingly my weight (according to my home scale) has moved slightly upwards. Which also makes sense as the bump is slowly, but surely, growing further outwards. Pressing on my lower abdomen now feels more like pushing against an inflated balloon than into bread dough.

Overall, I'm starting to feel more human and less like a sack of meat. Maybe it's because I'm consuming more calories (you think?) but I was actually been able to get more done around the house on Saturday, albeit with a good rest period in between activities, and make more than one stop on my way home from work without getting completely exhausted. Though last night after WalMart, a run through the car wash, and a stop at another grocery store, it was all I could do to get the car unloaded (including my haul from the lunch trip to Target) and put away the freezer/refrigeration items before I had to collapse on the couch.

About week 6 or 7 I started to slather my usual lotion (Nivea Original) on my upper hips (already the home of silvery stretch marks thanks to most likely the freshman 25), stomach, and breasts (home of stretch marks from puberty or again, college weight gain), after my morning shower and so far I have yet to see any additional marks appear. Though, I have to admit, and maybe it's because I started out by losing weight and I always lose from my boobs before anywhere else, I haven't had any noticeable growth in that location. I'm positive that thanks to my prior marks I'm due for more as my body continues to change, but the scent of cocoa butter which seems to be the standard for belly creams, etc. upset my stomach even before I moved into super-pregnancy enhanced sense of smell which has also limited me to the aforementioned Nivea. Any non-cocoa butter scented belly cream recommendations out there?

Oh, my OB's business office person wrote off the outstanding portion of the labs, including the redundant pregnancy test, from my first OB visit. Guess going into it with a sense of humor and also being honest at how I had felt walking out from that appointment worked out for me. I go back on the 16th for the next OB appointment, and I'm thinking that based on what the doc at the last appointment said, it's going to be another 3 weeks or so after that to the next ultrasound.

I think knowing the gender is going to make it more real to DH - and by that time he should also be done with his work-related travel so will be able to help me with things like researching car seats, strollers, swings, cribs, and so on and so forth. He's great at research (and spreadsheets). And now that I have some extra energy it's time to start contemplating cleaning out the closet and other areas of the room which have been put to use for other non-baby purposes. I guess this means it's time to really go through the bag of ribbons left over from wedding presents (8 years they've been sitting there!) along with other things, and do some hard culling. Is this nesting?

*This rule does not seem to apply to scrambled eggs. Let's just say it's a good thing they are soft, shall we?


  1. Your post made me laugh... when I was pregnant in October 2008 (my Sea Monkey), about the only think I could keep down was Carnation Instant Breakfast (chocolate only), Hot Tamale's candy, and Egg Salad Sandwitches (the nasty ones from the gas station...) YUCK!

  2. Good to hear that you are becoming friends again with food. Food is niiiiice, at least that's how it looks from where I stand anyway. It won't be long before you start nibbling on yummies, not as much as before, but more often. ;-)

    As for creams, I think my twopence are rather worthless, since in Europe supply and prices differ from US. FWIW, I use one of the La Roche Posay dry skin cream (first time I have to use one), found only in pharmacies, and Decleor, they have a bag for moms to be with an oil and a cream, and they smell like freshly mown grass. But they're a bit on the pricey side, I reckon. Still, since I only have two tiny stretch marks on my hip, since high school, and I have really no idea how they came to be, since I started yoyoing much later, I decided I could splurge and be vain and do whatever I can to prevent them.

    And that does sound like nesting. Good for you. ;-)

  3. Yay for being able to keep food down! As for stretch mark creams, I loved Belli's stretch mark lotion, and their nursing ointment is fabulous too. The stretch mark lotion smells heavenly!