Tuesday, February 2, 2010

11 Week Update

I'm finding myself wondering what I'm supposed to wear as my belly increases in size but hasn't yet reached that point where maternity pants will fit properly. I'm not convinced that the belly band I bought a couple of weeks back is going to be the best thing - for it to actually work, it has to ride lower than even my longest tops ever have, and that's with pants whose waist is actually semi-close to my natural waist. I can't imagine how anyone used to wearing the ultra low cut jeans could use it in any way. And while I'm no stranger to a white t-shirt peeking out the bottom of a sweater, it seems silly to have a white band hanging out inches below which is where it seems to need to go to actually fit properly. If the weather was warmer it would be so much easier to just wear some loose dresses and call it done.

Last week I went to a bookstore and purchased a pregnancy book. I looked at a few, and while everyone is familiar with "What to Expect When You're Expecting," it just didn't appeal to me so I went with one called "Great Expectations." I'm sure the presentation is about the only thing different between them, but whatever. And yes, the book lover in me liked the Dickensian play on the title. I did feel a bit like a fraud walking up to the checkout and paying for a pregnancy book though.

Morning sickness is still here. After 3 good days, it struck again with a vengence this morning. It's actually a good thing that the weather delayed my departure for work or I would have gotten caught in the car. And that's not a happy thought at all. Even though I know there are some plastic bags in the car and it's not a big deal to pull off the side of the road, it would still really, really, really, stink. Literally.

Carbs are still my friends - this week bagels and cream cheese are rocking my world. I'm still enjoying oranges and mint chocolate chip ice cream (including some chocolate covered mint ice cream bars my mother is kind enough to source for me). I'm drinking more liquids but still not as much as I'm thinking I should be. Ocean Spray Cranberry-Pomegranate juice and milk are my primary sources, with a caffeine-free coke maybe once a day when I'm at work. Over the weekend it seemed like my appetite was starting to get a bit better and I actually ate more of last nights ziti bake than I thought I would.

Oh yeah, I don't think I've mentioned this: congestion. Thanks to Jen at "Maybe if You Just Relax" I know it's fairly normal, but why the hell would my body think that post-nasal drip and a heightened gag reflex were good companions?!?! Delusional. That's what it is, delusional.

Also, sleep - it's not good. I can crash on the couch just fine with the TV on but put me in a dark and quiet room and it takes me forever to turn off my brain and settle down enough to sleep. And then I end up tossing and turning, having trouble finding a comfortable enough position for all of my body. I'm thinking with the white sales this time of year I should start looking for a pillow I can dedicate to using as a sleep aid. Maybe when the snow finally melts I can get to that.


  1. I loved carbs, too! Couldn't eat enough pizza! And you ARE NOT A FRAUD! You're pregnant, silly girl! Buy all the books you want and enjoy buying them. You're going to be a mommy soon!

  2. I bought my first body pillow when I was pregnant with Carter in 2000 and I have bought a new one every year since. My husband hates it, but nothing will ever separate me from my sleeping buddy!

  3. You're definitely not a fraud! I couldn't get into WTEWYE either, too much emphasis on "So this is what could go horribly wrong this week" for my delicate sensibilities.

    Ah, rhinitis of pregnancy! I've had it the whole third trimester and between that and the frequent bathroom breaks there may be no toilet paper left in the entirety of Washington. I hope yours doesn't linger!

  4. At 12 weeks, even my biggest fat pants left me with an uncomfortable muffin top thing happening around my middle. It was SO sexy. I couldn't deal with it anymore, so I went and bought my first pair of maternity pants and a top on my lunch break. The pants were laughable because they didn't fit right, but oh, it was worth it to not have muffin top anymore. And my coworkers were thankful too of course :)

    It's never too early to sleep with a bunch of pillows if that's what it takes to sleep! Do whatever you can to have a good sleep. And sleep in as much as you possibly can! Everyone told me to, and now I know why. Your little bundle of joy will be dictating your every snore from the moment they're born, so enjoy and rest up!