Sunday, January 31, 2010

Quiet Weekend

Inches of snow fell starting yesterday early, early morning. I haven't left the house all weekend - and doubt that I will leave tomorrow as my boss just called and told me to stay home unless there was something that HAD to be done at the office. There isn't so home and safe I will stay. I think our neighborhood has yet to be plowed, and with the hill up our drive to our street, I'm not that anxious to try my luck with the roads.

It's interesting to see the tracks left by the deer as they've crossed our snowed-over yard. The dog has barely gone into the yard to do her business. I can see all the yellow spots in the snow around the base of the steps off our deck. And I think there are piles of poo on the drive. Guess those will have to be cleaned up as the snow melts. Yippee. This morning our younger cat scooted herself out the door as I was encouraging the dog to leave the deck. She was back at the door before I could put my shoes on, all puffed up. Here's hoping that she learned her lesson and won't try that move again anytime soon.

I think I've been even less productive this weekend than I was last weekend and I didn't get much done last weekend. Part of that is probably because I'm not taking in enough calories to do much more than sit around with the occasional burst of enough energy to empty the dishwasher or start/switch a load of laundry, or even clean the toilet. But I can only do one thing at a time.

DH is on his way home and is going to want dinner. I'm thinking some sort of baked chicken - only because it means the least amount of interaction with the raw meat. Thaw, pour sauce over and shove in the oven. Even thinking about doing anything beyond that makes me queasy.

Meet the Robinsons was on Disney this afternoon. The end made me tear up. It never has before, so I'm guessing that hormones had something to do with it. It's interesting how many cartoons deal with adoption/infertility - Meet the Robinsons, Up, The Rescuers just come off the top of my head. I'm sure there are more out there.

Well, off to do something about dinner. Wish me luck!


  1. Today was the first day I felt like I could.not.continue. without a nap! Good thing it was a Sunday, and not a day I was teaching! :)

  2. I managed to cry watching HOOK - and I knew very well what happened, nevertheless tears just made their way up. Useless to tell you how I never cried before at any movie, right?
    Good luck handling meat.

  3. What a nice treat to get to stay home and relax! I hope your day goes by at a nice relaxing pace and that dinner doesn't make you retch.

  4. I watched Up with my 7 year old niece... And bawled like a baby through the really sad stuff. She just looked at me like I was crazy lol. So hormones are an issue even at six months post-partum!

    Raw meat makes me shudder even to this day. Not sure if that's hormone related or not...