Friday, January 8, 2010

More Good News

I got more good news this afternoon while on my way home from work - no more progesterone! Apparently with levels at 40+ I don't need it. Yippee!

This is in addition to yesterdays major and secondary good news. You know the major good news, the secondary is that because we had signed onto the shared-risk program and our IVF cycle was considered canceled, there is a very good likelihood that we will be getting our $$$ back. How super is that?

I'm still tired, still nauseous (not just in the morning, liars!), and am starting to notice a change to the shape of my belly. It's like my uterus is pushing the existing belly fat out of the way or something. I'm afraid my boobs and hips are going to grow along and extend the stretch marks left over from puberty.

I'm still not ready to share our news with many people we know IRL. Right now I'm making DH hold out until we are through the 1st trimester at the beginning of February because of my worries. DH said to me yesterday that there will always be worries. Which there will be. I'm just not ready to get over the current batch. This batch of worries is also holding me back from hitting the bookstore for pregnancy books (I figure that's a great source for more worries) and getting excited. I just know if I catch up with the joy that's lurking around the corner something else is going to come up and bite me. Oh no, no superstitions here.

So that's where I am, happy yet cautious, relieved yet still worried. And all I can do is keep taking care of myself and hope things continue to go well. Grow well little Shrimpy, grow well.


  1. I totally get the cautious thing. I didn't share the news with anyone outside of close friends and family until I was past the 8 weeks mark.

    It's weird how your worries change depending on how far along you were. At first, I just wanted to make it past 8 weeks. Then it was 12 weeks. Then 20. Then 32 weeks. Now? I just want to get some sleep.

    May I recommend Amalah's pregnancy blog Zero to Forty? Guaranteed not to make you freak out, but still informative and funny:

  2. Erika - I am very familiar with Amalah's amazing work. Thanks for the reminder to check what is coming this week.

  3. Congrats on getting the money back!

    I completely understand the caution. Just do what you are comfortable with when you are comfortable. You will know when the right time is to tell other people and you will know when you are ready to buy the books, etc. For now, just enjoy the wonderful secret that you two share!

  4. Great news on the progesterone. I've never been on the stuff myself but I've heard stories of it's 'method of use'.
    Your last paragraph hits the nail on the head. I'm the same, and can't shake it.
    Hoorah for the prospect of $$$'s coming back your way. I'm sure it'll be more than welcome. I hope Feb passes quick for you so you can share your good new with the 'real' world. Take care.

  5. CONGRATS! I have been a lame blogger lately and have missed all of your latest news and WOW!! The old fashioned way?! That is amazing.
    So happy for you! (-: