Monday, January 18, 2010

Let me just say, Ditto. (With Parenthesis)

Here (If you don't feel like clicking over, I'm linking to last Monday's post.)

And I still don't feel quite right, even after eating a slice and a half of peanut butter toast. (Bread to fill me up, peanut butter for protein. A slice and a half because that's all I could eat before feeling full.)

It was a quiet weekend. With the way I've been feeling, including that vehicle travel as a passenger does not appeal, instead of going up almost every weekend of the ski season as we have the past few years, we've stayed home more. Luckily, DH had already started to transition away from many of the responsibilities which had required him to be there before we found out, so he's not missing out on too much but I think he does miss the camaraderie. He, at least, will have to go up next weekend, and I'll probably decide on Wednesday or Thursday whether I am up to going or not.

So, how was your weekend?


  1. Peanut butter on toast (with a hint of marmite and jam - don't judge me) was all I could eat this time last week but I had to stop eating it as it upsets the.. er.. system.

    On a less TMI note, Hoorah for nausea (of course said in a weird and caring way) I hope it subsides soon. This is the one symptom of pregnancy we have every right to complain about.
    Take care.

  2. Carolyne - it's all about whatever tastes good and stays down, isn't it?

  3. PB and English muffins are what I eat every morning :)