Tuesday, January 12, 2010

8 Week Update

I bought my first pregnancy related thing today: the Target version of the Belly Band. While the hair elastic trick to keep the button gap on my jeans from flapping around has been working so far, I'm thinking that one morning I'm going to wake up and not be able to zip my pants and am going to need something to keep them up and cover my underwear in that awkward time period between the original button pop and actually being able to wear maternity pants.

My first OB visit isn't until next Wednesday, but it's doesn't actually include seeing the OB at all - I'll be seeing the nurses for a history update and having a gallon and a half of blood drawn for a bunch of testing the office requires. I'm guessing my first with the OB office visit will be the following week when the blood results come back. This disappointed me some because I was hoping to hear a heart beat at this first appointment.

We're also thinking about switching ob/gyn offices based on some of our experiences as we were exploring the early stages of infertility, but the other office in town I would consider switching to is affiliated with a larger practice in another town I try to avoid so I'm concerned about which / how many doctors would be in town and if there would be times when they would have to schedule me in the other town instead of locally. One of those downsides to living in a small town is that the choices in doctors and practices are limited.

Still with the nausea, the tired, and the bloat. Also with a bonus side of constipation. Nuff' said 'bout that. If I don't get something like a piece of bread or toast in my stomach within 45 minutes or so of actually getting out of bed, then morning sickness WILL kick in. I'm finding carbonated beverages, milk and water aren't doing it for me but can safely drink Gatorade and other sugared, but not acidic, juices and juice drinks without problems.

-cooked tomato products (ketchup with fries, pizza sauce on pizza, tomato soup in both cream and veggie versions), fruit based slushies (Starbucks' Vivanno, Target Market strawberry/mango) & fruit (cherries, apple sauce, etc.)

-mayonnaise, Boars Head OvenGold Deli Turkey (DH is eating, not me), & most leftovers


  1. Ask the nurse to use the dopplar! You don't need an OB for that. At each of my appointments, the nurse does the weight, blood pressure and checks the heartbeat before the OB even comes in!

  2. I second Hope in Virginia, at every OB visit I went to the nurse was the one who let us listen to the heartbeat using the Doppler.

    I hope that wondrous sound fills your ears with joy :)